21 February, 2020

“The Angel of Death”? Really?

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(Above: the wooden “gas chamber door” at the Auschwitz internment camp in Poland).

How was Dr. Josef Mengele “the Angel of Death” when a million Jews (including Anne Frank) survived Auschwitz? He was more like “the Angel of Life,” saving an untold number of kind, sweet, innocent Self-Chosen and thereby allowing them to escape to New Jersey and make careers out of moaning about being gassed 4 times at Auschwitz and 5 times at Belsen (“the Nazis ran out of Zyklon-B each time! What luck!”)[1].

Hardly anyone doubts that Jews, communists, homosexuals and other miscreants were sent to political internment camps by Adolf Hitler’s government, and, that some of those miscreants died in those camps, usually from diseases, or from being forced to masturbate non-stop for days on end; women were exempted from that ghastly but hilarious method of execution. Regardless, the idea that “6 million Jews” were “gassed” by the Nazis is a complete fantasy spun by that dangerous race of swindlers and con artists. For example, look here at the shabby wooden/glass door of the Auschwitz camp’s “gas chamber” and consider this: Zyklon-B gas (i.e., Hydrogen Cyanide, or HCN, gas) is highly flammable (!), and air/HCN gas mixtures can explode, and HCN gas, when used for executions, must be used in a negative-pressure (vacuum) chamber, under heat. How could you use HCN gas in an “execution gas chamber” made with a cheap wooden/glass door? You couldn’t, of course [2]. In so many ways, Zyklon-B (a brand name for German pesticides) would have sucked as a murder weapon. (Let’s be realistic about mass murder: Why did the Nazis not simply machine-gun dozens of people at once, within 15 seconds, in a bulldozer-dug pit, and then afterwards, fill in the pit with the bulldozer? That would have been much safer, much simpler, much faster, and far less expensive than using toxic HCN gas. The Hollowswindle simply does not pass the logic test).



[1] Anne Frank was first sent to the Auschwitz camp and later to the Bergen-Belsen camp, where she died not from gas but from a disease called typhus

[2] here’s a genuine, sealable, fire-and-explosion-proof, gas-chamber door

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