9 May, 2020

Auschwitz: Do The Jews Hear Themselves? Or Do They Just Talk?

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How could you have an orchestra in a “death camp”? The musicians (i.e., inmates) would be “gassed” every week.

Just remember: the same people who claim that they were “gassed” at Auschwitz are the same people who lie about everything else: the Jews say that they don’t control Hollywood, they say that they didn’t spread communism throughout Europe, etc., etc., etc. The Jews have a very long record of lying about themselves.

There’s also the ash problem that the Jews failed to account for in their Auschwitz story: had millions of Jews been gassed at Auschwitz within a few years (an impossible feat by itself), there would have been piles of human ash 8 feet tall all around the Auschwitz area. The Red Cross would have seen the piles, and so would various other people, yet no one mentioned large amounts of ash back then (but don’t worry, the Jews will soon “recall” seeing ash once enough White people begin to mention the ash problem) [1]. Like everything about the Jews, the “gassing” fable is just that: a fable that’s not rooted in reality. (Some Jews died at Auschwitz from disease and starvation. So did some communists and some homosexuals).

One more thing: this Jewish woman says: “Anti-Semitism is a 2,000-year-old virus that is apparently incurable.” Well, I know of an even older incurable virus: anti-gentilism (the hatred of all non-Jews), which is at least 2,500 years old and was the first “official,” day-to-day form of racism. If you want to see it, just go to Gaza or the West Bank. Or, read about the Bolshevik holocaust.



[1] “On 27 September 1944, Dr. Rossel (a Red Cross delegate) went to Auschwitz. There he spoke to the commander of the camp, but he was not authorized to go inside it.”

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