24 April, 2017

Holocaust Remembrance Day: I Already Forgot It

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Who? What? A hologram? A holograph? Where? What are you talkin’ about? Gas? Gassed? Yeah, my car’s gassed up, I bought some the other day, filled up the tank, in fact. Why do you wanna know?? You some kinda cop??


  • 4 Responses to “Holocaust Remembrance Day: I Already Forgot It”

    1. Wulf Says:

      Trump Has to have some Jewish blood. I mean ALL his children are marrying jews, and they don’t care about us. I can see why they got away with the Holo Hoax after 911. So obviously a controlled demolition but people for some reason refuse to believe their own eyes or trust their own judgement. We just had a National holiday in Australia to remember fallen soldiers from all wars. I don’t ever recall Jews going off to any of these unjust invasions except in “Hollywood”. Also what about the Olympics, how many medals did Israel win, 2 lol. 77th in the world. Is it lack of National pride or just inbreeding. These people as a group can be beaten and beaten easily. As for intelligence what inventions have jews really thought of ? They as a group are far from smart, streetwise swindlers yes but intelligent no, they can be beaten.

    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Wulf: true on 911. True on unwillingness to fight for anything but their tribe. True on lack of physical prowess. True on Trump not caring.

      But Trump-or ‘Drumpf’-has no proven Jewish ancestry.

      One need not be a Jew to be ‘bad’, or to not care.

    3. Wulf Says:

      @Emily – Yeah your right there TV evangelists are a good example of our own race being evil. Lets be proud of our race and ourselves. I found out Christianity is a carbon copy of Egyptian gods such as Horus and Isis. Which were really just pagan stories to explain the Solar year. I saw it on Netflix called Zeitgeist lol. The Egyptians sure new about slavery. I really think Judeo Christianity is foundation of our weakness. Turn the other cheek, pride is bad, give everything away, its noble to be poor… Each to there own but it’s worthy of research.

    4. Bessie May Mucho Says:

      I thought it was in January. How many of these stupid things are there?

      Is there an International Victims Of Communism Day?