3 July, 2016

He Wasn’t Just a Man, He Was a Suhvivah! Or, Holocelebrities

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If Auschwitz was a “death camp,” why are there millions of “Auschwitz survivors”? And why was there a hospital at Auschwitz? Also, about 100 people escaped from Auschwitz, yet they said nothing about “humans being gassed” there when they returned to civilization. Why not? These are questions that are illegal to ask in most European countries. Furthermore, since the Soviets liberated Auschwitz, any claims made by them about the camp vis-a-vis “gassings” must be viewed with great suspicion. Also of special interest is that Elie Wiesel was deported out of Auschwitz to the Buchenwald camp. Again, so much for Auschwitz being a “death camp.”


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    1. Klassikality Says:

      This site is just fantastic, has been working to expose this con man liar for quite a while now:


      As the name suggests, a big part of the Wiesel myth was the fabled “tattoo” from Auschwitz that nobody ever saw!

      Good riddance to this rat, who made quite a fortune being the biggest celebrity survivor of the holohoax.

    2. J├╝rgen Says:

      Bye bye you lying lil jew weasel

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      If Tim McGreen is even now being transformed into a vaginal lubricant, then this guy Wiesel should have a lot worse coming to him.

    4. B. Holst Says:

      I agree with Klassikality about http://www.eliewieseltattoo.com. Carolyn site is a gift that keeps on giving:)

      I posted this obituary on eliewieseltattoo:

      “Well, to some degree Mr. Wiesel can also bee seen as a rightfully victim, because he was probably raised to hate all non-jews from he was just a kid.
      Young innocent minds who are exposed to the hateful and racist nature of the satanic Talmud are literally molded into becoming treacherous bigots and evil doers.
      It is probably in some way comparable to the vicious circle of child molestation; where the victims often becomes perpetrators them self at a later stage in life.
      Jews have to stop being haters and realise that we live in 2016.”

    5. MADMAN1369 Says:

      I believe the holocaust did hapen. Hitler put it in a book called `Meine Kampf`Also too damn bad he didn`t have another few years to really put the `Jewish Solution`to its full potential. Sorry if I am offending anyone but as a half-blood German whose Opa(Grandfather) was an SS officer and never denied the fact that these mesures had to be unleashed against the vile jews to save Germany and then the world.Besides who cares if it did happen,Fuck the hebes