15 January, 2019

Canada: UN Says Whites Are Violating Indigenous (Indian) Land by Building Hydroelectric Dam, or, Pasvolsky’s Ghost Haunts the West Even Today

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Damn! You can’t even build a dam these days! Canada needs the electricity that the dam would produce, plain and simple. What the hell is “The UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination”? Sounds like Cultural Marxism to me. Western electricity needs trump Cultural Marxism every time. The UN ought to be disbanded and closed, and the UN building in NYC should be made into a giant apartment complex for midgets and the homeless [1]. Why hasn’t that happened yet?


[1] trivia: the liberal former Secretary of State Dean Acheson (1893–1971) turned against the UN later in his life and angrily called the UN “that little rat Leo Pasvolsky’s UN” in a letter to Charles Burton Marshall in 1967. Pasvolsky was a Jew and a Marxist, and he spent 6 years designing the framework and the Charter for the UN

  • 2 Responses to “Canada: UN Says Whites Are Violating Indigenous (Indian) Land by Building Hydroelectric Dam, or, Pasvolsky’s Ghost Haunts the West Even Today”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      I’d love to see that jew talking shop get the 911 treatment, preferably when the so called ‘Security Council’ is in session and crammed full of globalists being addressed by a Bush/ Clinton/ Kennedy or similar asshole.

    2. Douglas MacArthur Says:


      My gut feeling was back then was, so have 20 ? men willing to give their lives up to attack their hated enemy, okay lets say that’s true.

      So as the story goes, with bandit run security at the airports, the “best” target they could come up with was a condemned set of buildings that the cost was stated to be two billion to dismantle them and it would clog up lower Manhattan too and take years, EPA and allot trouble, haa.

      The NYC PORT AUTHORITY could not find ANY takers before the strip club and mall owners offered up there deal,haaa. Such nice people.

      Plus, now get this the buildings foundation was severely damaged with a HUGE truck bomb that was blown up in the lowest parking level back in 1993, because the perps over sleep, oh wow, if they had got to part on the first it would have toppled the building is what I had read killing 50, 0000 or more if correct.

      There was an informant from the alphabet dunces with power who filmed the making of the device loaded in the Ryder truck. As I remember the story in the media back in 1994 the informant was trailing them when he lost them in traffic. What ?

      Point is nothing adds up, because if you were the real bunch of angry Arab’s wouldn’t Inquiring minds say the UN and others sites were better targets.

      I find it hard to believe that real perps would have chosen two condemned building literally and would even think of those tow shit boxes of mistakes, haaa.