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2 May, 2017

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White man: “You liberals always say that race doesn’t matter.” Liberal: “That’s right. Race doesn’t matter. There’s only one race: the human race” [1]. White man: “Well, if race doesn’t matter, then why do you care about how many Blacks are in medical school in Missouri?” Liberal: “Uhhm, well…uhhh…hmmm…oh, stop asking questions, you intolerant White […]

21 January, 2017

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Jewish activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Leftist activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Feminist activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Dyslexic leftist activist: “Hate it’s, God my, Oh!” Retarded leftist activist: “Duhh, urk, duhh, hrrmmmm…” Retarded dyslexic leftist activist: “Hrrmmm, duhh, urk, duhh…” Retarded queer dyslexic leftist activist: “Hrrmmmth, duhhth, urkth, duhhth…” [Article].

13 December, 2016

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“Phobia/phobic” means “fear of” – in other words, if you are “xenophobic” then you are afraid of immigrants/foreigners (and, considering what’s been going on in Germany lately, you should be afraid of immigrants). Most people aren’t afraid of queers, but they are turned off by them and by their habit of “pushing” homosexuality onto “straight” […]

26 November, 2016

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If “a person’s sexuality doesn’t matter!” (as the queer lobby constantly claims) then why mention it at all? Why talk about it? Hmmm? Back in the 1950s, if you were a queer, you kept your mouth shut about it and it worked out fine for everyone. [Article].

26 May, 2016

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Mother: “Honey, maybe you should see a psychologist about your feelings of being, uhhm, a genderqueer, pangender, two-spirit bi-homo.” Loving Daughter: “I’m not a genderqueer, pangender, two-spirit bi-homo, you homophobic, White, bourgeois bitch. For your information, I’m a non-op, pangender, multi-sexual, genderqueer, butch-fem boygirl!” [Article] and [Article].

6 May, 2016

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Want trannies in high school locker rooms? Neither do these parents. But since most judges today are “politically correct,” the parents will probably lose the lawsuit. [Article].

21 April, 2016

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Free speech?? Your right to free speech hinges on whether or not a tiny minority group is offended. So, basically, in the USSA, the minority rules. By the way, there’s no such thing as a transsexual, i.e., a person cannot change his sex by taking hormones or having surgery. Sex is determined at the chromosomal/biological […]

1 July, 2015

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(Above: Karl Marx) Karl, stop eating those Girl Scout cookies! You’re too fat as it is! What? You want to join the Girl Scouts? You can’t, Karl. You’re not a girl – unless you become a tranny, then you can. Anyway…what a dilemma. Put $100,000 to good use within the Girl Scouts organization, or, reject […]

20 July, 2014

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(Above: queers on parade) Queers are sex-obsessed freaks who can’t keep their pants zipped up. (Then, when they catch AIDS, they blame “conservatives” and “homophobia”). [Article].

4 June, 2014

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In Colorado, bakery employees cannot discriminate against homosexuals and, worse, they must be “re-educated” about the proper treatment of queers. Keep in mind, this is a private business which is not run by any government agency. So much for private-property rights. [Article].