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22 March, 2017

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People from wealthy families have one thing in common besides money: they weren’t disciplined as children. Hence, they grew up to be rotten adults who lie, cheat, steal and assault people. (Trivia: many, if not most, of the people in Congress come from rich families). [Article] and [Article].

20 September, 2015

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The scary thing about Political Correctness (a.k.a. Cultural Marxism) is that there are virtually no limits to how far it can go. It can be applied anywhere and everywhere. The only limits are in the imaginations of the people practicing it, and their imaginations are vast. They’re even expanding the “equality” movement to include other […]

25 April, 2015

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Jews are very political people. They politicize everything: food, plumbing supplies, automobiles. As a result of the Jews controlling our pop culture (e.g., newspapers, magazines, movies, TV shows), things that shouldn’t be political, such as the opening of a restaurant, are political. [Article].

13 September, 2014

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Everything’s political today. Even food is political. You can thank Jews for that – after all, who’s been pushing “diversity” and “inclusivity” for the past century? [1]. [Article]. [1] the U.S. government now practices diversity and inclusivity as official policy. This really began in the F.D. Roosevelt and Truman administrations, e.g., a Jew, Assistant Secretary […]

11 March, 2013

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They want you to “critically examine” your “White privilege” because the West can’t be completely conquered until Whitey is on his knees apologizing for being White [1]. [Article]. [1] about “critical theory”

18 January, 2013

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The West Point think-tank issues a warning not about the far-left, as you might imagine, but about the far-right. (By the way, according to this webpage, the author of that West Point warning is an Israeli). [Article].

3 October, 2011

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How Leninesque. Just like in the Jew-built Soviet Union, every public thing has a left-wing political bent. Holocaust memorials, feminist memorials, homosexual memorials, slavery memorials…we’re living in the USSA. Who needs re-education camps when we have public memorials to do the job? [Article]

30 April, 2011

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Nothing can be innocent or fun anymore. Every little thing has to have political “sides,” either “good” or “bad” or “for” or “against.” Comics, children’s TV shows, grocery bags, energy sources, beauty contests – everything is political today. It sucks. You can blame the Jews for that. They dominate the popular culture and they over-analyze, […]