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7 April, 2022

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Re: the prior post, “They Have Admitted It: the Goal of Covid is Socialism” (April 7, 2022): One can envision how the EU will use the new Covid-19 mandates (such as QR proof-of-vaccination certificates, etc.) for solely political purposes, in order to hinder the Right and favor the Left. Such as: — Right-wing citizens will […]

10 January, 2021

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Locking people in their hotel from the outside is kidnapping (a felony, I assume.). And what if there was a fire? News quote: “As the group of the President’s supporters watched from the hotel’s lobby, an officer wearing sergeant’s stripes can be seen shoving a bar between the two front doors in an effort to […]

2 October, 2013

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The Soviet Union (the first totalitarian state) was built by yids, so the NSA’s police-state surveillance roots are fundamentally Jewish [1]. [Article]. [1] Eastern Bloc communism, e.g., Hungary and Romania, was also Jewish-led