7 April, 2022

More on the Great Covid Reset

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Re: the prior post, “They Have Admitted It: the Goal of Covid is Socialism” (April 7, 2022):

One can envision how the EU will use the new Covid-19 mandates (such as QR proof-of-vaccination certificates, etc.) for solely political purposes, in order to hinder the Right and favor the Left. Such as:

— Right-wing citizens will not be allowed to withdraw money from a bank over “X” amount without showing a “good reason” for doing so. But left-wing citizens can withdraw money freely.
— Right-wing citizens will find it difficult, if not impossible, to travel by plane (“sorry, but your website publishes vaccine misinformation, which is now domestic terrorism”). But left-wing citizens won’t.
— Right-wing citizens will be required to frequently get other vaccines as well, in addition to the Covid vaxx. Left-wing citizens won’t.

And so on and so forth. The “discrimination possibilities” are endless. Under such conditions, the Right would fail to thrive, while the Left would grow quickly.

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