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13 December, 2021

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Rightists never update their thinking. They don’t need to. Western Civilization works. There’s no need to change it. But leftists frequently update their thinking: first there was the Old Left circa 1930, then The New Left circa 1964, and now there’s Woke. Leftism keeps changing. But it has to. Its failures must be hidden from […]

11 November, 2021

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“We non-Whites know the truth. We know that we are, historically speaking, losers. We never accomplished anything important. We know that White people gave the whole world to mankind. That makes us feel very inferior and angry. White people even gave us democracy, the light bulb, and the computer! They gave us everything! Damn those […]

10 November, 2021

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“We see this as a historic moment. This is a huge achievement not only for her, for our organization, but for all women in the National Guard and the Army,” said Montana National Guard spokesperson Maj. Ryan Finnegan…” Golly gee! If you’re familiar with U.S. military tactics, then you know that snipers never work alone. […]

9 November, 2021

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News quote: “White language supremacy in writing classrooms is due to the uneven and diverse linguistic legacies that everyone inherits, and the racialized white discourses that are used as standards, which give privilege to those students who embody those habits of white language already,” said Asao Inoue, professor of rhetoric and composition at Arizona State […]

26 October, 2021

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And to think, there’s no such thing as a “transgender” person! Do these elites also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Bigfoot? If not, why not? “For our cultural elites, transgenderism vies with environmentalism as the cause of the 21st century. As sociologist Michael Biggs notes, the ‘transgender movement has transformed cultural norms and social […]

24 October, 2021

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This article brings to mind a good point about comedy: ever since the TV comedy shows “The Smothers Brothers” and “Laugh-In” circa 1967, comedy has been political [1]. Prior to that, comedy wasn’t political. The Jews and the Left politicize everything today; as their power grew in the 1960s, they began to politicize more and […]

11 October, 2021

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What is government-mandated, gender-related social engineering? It’s communism (i.e., Cultural Marxism)[1]. The Bolsheviks engaged in gender-related social engineering in the Soviet Union decades ago. News quote: “California became the first state in the nation Saturday to adopt a law requiring large retail stores to provide gender neutral toy sections under a bill signed by Gov. […]

29 September, 2021

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All of the “Other” people today demand respect. By default. Automatically. (The “Other” means: anyone who isn’t White and male). Dumb negroes demand respect just for showing up on time in college classrooms. Sorry, jungle-bunnies, but it doesn’t work that way in real life (college isn’t real life, it’s clown world). There’s a very old […]

21 September, 2021

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AIDS: like Covid-19, it was all about politics, not about health. This is a Linda Ronstadt interview, filmed for TV, 5/27/89. Re: an AIDS benefit concert at Oakland Coliseum in May 1989: Ronstadt sang at the AIDS benefit concert because she wanted to help “get rid of” the idea that there was “moral baggage” involved […]

10 September, 2021

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Well, the documents of America’s founding fathers (Jefferson, Washington, Franklin) have now been slapped with left-wing “warning labels.” Really! It’s true: “The National Archives Records Administration placed a “harmful content” warning on the Constitution, labeling the governing document of the United States as “harmful or difficult to view.” The warning applies to all documents across […]