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24 April, 2017

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(Above: George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon: will it be “memory-holed” as well?). “New Orleans celebrates our diversity, inclusion and tolerance,” said the mayor of New Orleans. No, Mr. Mayor, I think you mean “New Orleans celebrates the destruction of superior White Western culture and the preservation of inferior negro culture.” Pandering for votes, eh, Mr. […]

12 March, 2016

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Donald Trump could “legitimize” or “normalize” political incorrectness. If he’s the president of the most powerful country on earth, his un-PC speech could “become legitimate” to many people and that could set back Cultural Marxism three decades. Oy veh.

14 July, 2015

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by Kevin MacDonald. […] “But because of his celebrity status, Trump managed to get the criminality of illegal aliens on the national agenda. Even the New York Times covered it. And because of his wealth, he could run a viable presidential campaign without tapping into the billions of Sheldon Adelson, Larry Ellison, Norman Braman or […]

24 March, 2015

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The word “Redskins” isn’t any more offensive to Indians than “Whiteskins” would be to White people. In fact, when a football team calls itself “the Redskins,” it is actually honoring the Indians. (Besides, who cares if the Indians are offended by that word? They’re among the least-successful people on Earth. What have they ever accomplished? […]

10 March, 2015

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Apparently, there were no Blacks on the bus. So who did the Whites offend with their “racist” chant? I hope that the expelled students file lawsuits against the university. [Article].

1 August, 2014

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Had the cop created plaques honoring Lenin, Stalin or Mao, no one would have said a word about it. [Article].

27 June, 2014

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Sadly, Oldman has since apologized to the Jews for his rant. (They always apologize upon reflection. Even Brando did). What sort of country do you live in when, if you tell the truth, you have to apologize? It should be, if you tell a lie, you have to apologize. This is what the Jews have […]

1 May, 2014

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…the cops must be called and White tax dollars must be wasted on a big investigation. In this case, it was a “candle thought-crime.” St. Louis: Swastika formed from lit candles outside of college dorm rooms.

29 April, 2014

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I think someone needs to point out a couple of things, re: the Donald Sterling racism controversy and the media coverage surrounding it, so I’ll do it; even though Sterling’s a Jew, there are bigger issues here: 1. In America, we have free speech, or at least, we’re supposed to have it. 2. Sterling’s comments […]

25 February, 2014

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Long before Arizona governor Brewer has taken any action on it, the media has already decided that SB1062 has to be vetoed. The public pressure from the media outcry will doom the bill. [Article].