24 March, 2015

How is “Redskins” Offensive?

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The word “Redskins” isn’t any more offensive to Indians than “Whiteskins” would be to White people. In fact, when a football team calls itself “the Redskins,” it is actually honoring the Indians. (Besides, who cares if the Indians are offended by that word? They’re among the least-successful people on Earth. What have they ever accomplished? Are there any Indian scientists or engineers?).


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    1. Luke Says:

      Linder is right, when he notices that the American Indians – as a collective group – are one of the least successful peoples on Earth, but then we are applying White European standards to them, which some would say isn’t entirely fair. By their own standards, there was a time when some tribes of Indians were considered some of the most ruthless bad-asses on Earth, such as the Comanches in their heyday. Literal killing machines and they were extremely efficient at it – and these savages didn’t mind butchering and skinning little white kids and women alive, after they’d raped them half to death first.

      So, from a racial realist’s standpoint – I will give Indians the credit they deserved, because they put up a hell of a fight and were excellent woodsmen who knew how to survive in the harsh wilderness. But, I feel zero sympathy for them and most certainly do not harbor any of this nauseating ‘white guilt’ over the fact that my White ancestors met them on multiple fields of battle, lost countless of our racial brothers and sisters in those battles, but, in the end, we kicked their asses and laid claim to North America by right of conquest.

      Incidentally, I have traveled out West on a number of occasions over the last 20 odd years, and I’ve seen the sad state of the American Indian with my own eyes. That is what a defeated and conquered race looks like, folks. Laying around under trees in public parks, bottle tucked inside a paper sack, drunk most of the time, no ambition, no motivation, no fire in their bellies to improve their lot in life.

      I see those images and I can very easily imagine White men and women winding up in those same kinds of places in American society – if Whites do not pull their heads out of their asses and start thinking, behaving, and living according to racial realism and if they do not start showing a little more concern for the survival of White European human kind.

    2. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Excellent post Luke. Spot on.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The author of that article claims to be a “native American” but he looks more like a Jewish metrosexual douchebag. Too damn bad if he’s offended by the name of some football team. He must live a charmed life if that’s the only kind of stuff that offends him.

      Myself, I’m offended by the Jews deliberately slaughtering thousands of little kids in the Gaza Strip Concentration Camp. I’m offended by all those colored savages in our White countries feeding off a welfare system they have contributed nothing into. I’m also offended by their constant raping, robbing and murdering of innocent White victims. I’m offended by all the wars of imperialist aggression being waged by the Jewnited Snakes. I’m offended that politicians like Slick Willie and George Bush Junior haven’t been executed for treason and war crimes. I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made.

      That “Native American” didn’t even know he was “offended” by the word “redskin” until the scheming Jew told him to be offended by it. And the Red man is not “native” to this continent, he migrated here 15,000 years ago while following herds of bison and mammoths across the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska.

      The day of White Vengeance cannot come soon enough.

    4. fd Says:

      A true warrior like Geronimo would have killed Jew boy Simon on general principle–a weak link. Giving credit where credit is due, the Apaches were some of the greatest warriors in history. The federals would fight them for hours never seeing their face. They ran smoke signals from Arizona across New Mexico to Texas with accurate information inside a day. Traveled 30 miles a day on foot and 60 miles a day on horse-back.

      The football team at my Jr high was named Redskins. It may have been renamed by now. There is an on-going campaign in the South to rename all buildings that are connected to racists, especially schools and universities. Eradicate history and culture.