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29 July, 2016

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..and no one can stop it since America is a “democracy” full of idiots and crooked politicians. Make no mistake: this “queer thing” isn’t an evolution (i.e., a society evolving slowly and naturally). This is a revolution (i.e., a society being changed very quickly and very deliberately by certain people who have a sick agenda). […]

26 June, 2015

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This court ruling cheapens traditional marriage and also violates the Tenth Amendment by “federalizing” what should be a state-by-state issue [1]. But what did you expect from a non-White Supreme Court? (By the way, the Fourteenth Amendment wasn’t ratified properly, making it null and void). [Article]. . [1] 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to […]

24 July, 2014

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Queers commit roughly 1/3 (i.e., 33%) of all male-on-male child molestation. This is grossly disproportionate: normal proportion would be 1% to 3% [1]. Also, queers are more likely to use drugs and have mental health issues. So, why would anyone want queers to “marry” and adopt kids? [Article]. [1] queers are about 3% of the […]

11 June, 2013

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Good. When is America going to crack down on faggotry? [Article].

16 July, 2010

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Even “macho,” Catholic countries are following NWO/JWO guidelines: [Article].

2 April, 2010

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Your mailman’s a queer, your neighbor’s a “tranny,” your uncle is bi, but you’re still straight? That’s sooo 20th Century… [Article] and [Article]. About the pro-homosexual lobby: [Here].

1 May, 2009

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The bill now goes to the Senate. If it becomes law, queers will be ‘special people’ who enjoy ‘special protections’ not enjoyed by regular humans: [Article]. More about the queer lobby: [Here].

27 November, 2008

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The Jewish, homosexual politician Harvey Milk has become a legend of sorts. Why? Good question. Maybe it’s because the queer lobby 1) has lots of political power; 2) is 90% Jewish: [Article].

22 November, 2008

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Did you know that queers are much more likely to commit sexual crimes against children? Queers are also much more likely to have various infectious diseases: [Article].

15 November, 2008

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Universities then: institutions of higher learning run by White men in a non-political manner. Universities now: indoctrination centers run by women, Jews, mulattoes and queers in an extremely political, anti-Western manner. In fact, the only thing that’s “Western” at a university is the architecture [1]: [Article]. [VNN Forum thread]. [1] photo of: old main at […]