16 July, 2010

Queer “Marriage”: First Mexico, Now Argentina

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Even “macho,” Catholic countries are following NWO/JWO guidelines:


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  7. 26 Responses to “Queer “Marriage”: First Mexico, Now Argentina”

    1. Jürgen Says:


      Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez, is a jew.
      No surprise here – jews spread their faggotry and
      depravation wherever they go.

      Imagine a world without jews – it may be coming
      quite soon – World War III is just around the corner

    2. Igor Alexander Says:

      But it also carries political risks for Fernandez and her husband, former President Nestor Kirchner. The vote divided their governing coalition, and while gay rights have strong support in the capital, anti-gay feelings still run strong in much of Argentine society, where the vast majority of people are Roman Catholic.

      “From today onward, Argentina is a more just and democratic country,” said Maria Rachid, president of the Argentine Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender federation.

      Now let me think about that… the vast majority of Argentinians are Roman Catholics who rightly find queer “marriage” appalling, and yet allowing queer “marriage” has somehow made Argentinia more “democratic”? I thought a democracy was where the majority makes the decisions.

    3. Igor Alexander Says:

      typo: Argentina

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I hate the Jew press so much. Notice how they never use the word “homosexual” any more? It’s always “gay” or “same sex marriage”. PC assholes. But yet they do use the word heterosexual. How come? Because being “gay” and “same sex” is cool, whereas being normal is not.

      General Peron must be spinning in his grave.

    5. J.J Says:

      The jews want to spread faggotry to all corners of the globe, even among mud peoples and countries.

    6. torrence Says:

      Thus we the see the consequences following the collapse and breakdown of White civilization and its edifying influence. The exhalted values, virtures and morality displayed by traditional European culture is being supplanted by everything that is ugly and unworthy. MY god! when the day for retribution arrives, I”ll be first in line.

      I hope that ‘greatest generation’ who fought for this are now well pleased with themselves.

    7. Jim Says:

      Homosexuality is primarily genetically determined and affects between one and two percent of the population. As faggotry is genetic, the jews cannot increase the proportion of queers in the population, but as it is a degenerate lifestyle, homosexuality is used by the jews to break down the moral foundations of all societies. By promoting “gay marriage”, the jews promote the idea that marriage is not for procreation, but merely a vehicle whereby intimate relationships may be legitimized, regardless of sexual preference. The jews don’t have to worry that gay marriage will decrease the number of muds being born. Muds are on a much lower evolutionary plane than are Whites, and are more likely to subscribe to the philosophy of “if it feels good, do it.”

    8. Jim Says:

      Torrence is absolutely right. Faggotry in the Weimar Republic was almost as prevelant as in the ‘Kwa today. When Hitler took power, he cleaned up that mess pronto. Faggotry is contrary to all the noble ideals of Aryan civilization.

    9. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Homosexuality is primarily genetically determined and affects between one and two percent of the population.”

      What evidence do you have of this?

      “As faggotry is genetic, the jews cannot increase the proportion of queers in the population…”

      Do you feel confident enough in that statement that you would allow your children to be exposed to homoerotic material on a regular basis?

      I wish faggotry was purely genetic, as that would make eliminating it a simple matter of selective abortion, but I don’t believe it is.

      The line that fags are “born that way” is one that jew Magnus Hirschfeld started pushing in Germany early in the 20th century, and the Nazi experience with homosexuals directly contradicts it.

    10. Igor Alexander Says:


      The “scientific knowledge” of the outstanding “experts” in this field – whether we consult Kraft-Ebing, Schrenck-Rotzing, or Magnus Hirschfeld – are always based on the assumption that homosexuality is an inherited, or, in any case, innate anomaly: the various experts only contradict each other in the assumed causes of the “anomaly”.

      The resulting “moral” attitude, expressly formulated by the Jew Hirschfeld, speaking in his own case, was simply a logical consequence: homosexuality is inborn, like a cleft palate or a hare lip; just as we may not punish people or persecute them for the possession of a hare lip, nor should we persecute homosexuals or place restrictions upon their personal freedom.

      The men who took up the task which confronted them in the Third Reich – this must be stated unambiguously regardless of any humanitarian outcry – would have carried out that task unsparingly even if Hirschfeld & Co. had been right. But their work led to a discovery which was surprising even to them personally: the number of “anomalous cases” was totally insignificant compared to the totality of cases treated. Of 100 homosexuals, not even 2 belonged to the class with which scientific research had heretofore been exclusively concerned! This gives another face to the tear-jerking theory of the “poor sick people who just can’t help it”.

      If we simply take these men as they arrive, and if we observe them closely, we find them to be creatures without any strength of character, who have never exercised any will power or felt any inclination towards character building; so that upon superficial observation, we might well conclude that they are incurably ill. But if we compel them to perform systematic labor – which most of them have never before experienced in their lives – if we segregate them from “normal” men under strict guard; if we prevent them from playing the self-exculpatory role of their “illness”; if we compel them to look upon their failure as human beings reflected in the faces of their own kind; a transformation takes place with astonishing rapidity. The “patient” gets well. The “anomaly” is found to be perfectly normal. He undergoes a simple phase of development through which he failed to pass in his youth. This leaves only the 2% of truly anomalous cases, who, just as they constituted the focal point of infection in the outside world, now become the crystallization point of aversion, separating them the chaff from the still useable wheat.

    11. brutus Says:

      This has jew fingerprints all over it.


    12. Virgil Says:

      Fagism will be obliterated!

    13. Jim Says:

      Igor Alexander, The question of the genetic basis of homosexuality has not been definitely determined and it would take too long to go into all the pros and cons. From the research that I have done, most studies today have found a strong link between genetics and homosexuality. The fact that the proportion of homosexuals in any given human population group is between one and two per cent is a fairly good indication that there is a strong correlation between fag orientation and genes.

    14. Jim Says:

      If it were proven that homosexuality was primarily a genetic abnormality, it would NOT create more sympathy for faggotry. A certain percentage of individuals are born with Down’s Syndrome, which has been proven to be genetically determined. Homosexuality is a genetic DISORDER and should be treated as such. No NORMAL White male could ever be made into a TRUE homosexual purely through environmental causation. In cases where a normal male would be exposed to abuse by a faggot in childhood, the resulting damage, as horrific as it is, generally is only temporary and disappears when the victim begins a relationship with the opposite sex.

    15. Mikhail1965 Says:

      It is purely racial.
      It is simple. If whites produce no babies then white race will desappear and multicultures will inherit the whole planet.
      So they do they best to stop whites from having sex while encouraging non-whites to multiply like rabbits.
      Kaddafi said that there is no reason to fight whites, whites disappearing simply as endangered species

    16. Jim Says:

      Jews try to stop INTELLIGENT races from having babies, but encourage low IQ muds and niggers to multiply like rabbits. The high IQ Northeast Asians are also suffering from a jew induced birth dearth. Niggers and muds are easy for the kikes to control and railroad into their New Jew World Order.

    17. festerbestertester Says:

      Hopefully when the Whites die off, the muds will turn on the Jews thinking they are White people. The chickens will come home to roost , Jew baby!!!!!

    18. CW-2 Says:

      Jews are not lacking in ambition and arrogance, they seriously believe they will inherit the WHOLE earth, remember their desert deity told them so. That’s what they are planning for, to kill of and mongrelize all the superior races then get the assorted muds to kill each other.
      Newbies will say that’s preposterous, but just look what they have been doing to the flower of our people for at least the past 2 centuries.
      Their deep intentions are really blindingly obvious.

    19. Jim Says:

      Jewishness is a genetic abnormality consisting of delusions of “choseness”, high verbal IQ, hatred for other peoples, parasitism, and a overwhelming desire to control. The jews have practiced Eugencs among themselves for thousands of years, mating with only the most intelligent of the races among which they have preyed upon. They are always at the forefront, however of those “experts” who deny the reality of genetic differences in intelligence. for the goyim, they preach racial equality, environmentalism, and race mixing, while among themselves they are hereditarians par excellence.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      All excellent observations, but I believe Argentina is a mostly White, not mud, country. There are a lot of Jews in Argentina, which should tell you right off the bat that it must be a largely White country. Jews do not thrive in mud nations, since there is no one there to feed off of.

      Homosexuality is a phenomenon that seems to occur in all the races at about the same rate. It’s also found in birds and maybe other animals. It might be one of Nautre’s ways of keeping a check on out-of-control population growth in a given species. I mean, if every single member of a given species were born perfect with absolutely no defects at all, that species would probably die out quickly from too much genetic rigidity.

      Nature places the queers and other defectives among us in hopes that we will weed them out of the gene pool and gradually evolve into something higher and better. But the Jewish and Christian celebration of defectiveness and abnormality has had a seriously negative effect on our race’s genetic progress, not to mention its very survival.

    21. Jim Says:

      Excellent insight on Homosexuality, Tim. As far as Argentina is concerned, I understand that early on the White Spaniards and Italians miscegenated with the relatively small negroid population creating a race that has about five percent negroid blood. A similar situation apparently took place in Portugal, where the Whites mated with the nigger slaves, and produced a race much lower in intellegence and culture than the original Aryan natives.

    22. Jim Says:

      Excellent insight on Homosexuality, Tim. As far as Argentina is concerned, I understand that early on the White Spaniards and Italians miscegenated with the relatively small negroid population creating a race that has about five percent negroid blood. A similar situation apparently took place in Portugal, where the Whites mated with the nigger slaves, and produced a race much lower in intellegence and culture than the original Aryan natives.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jim, I always suspected something like what you said must have taken place among the Spaniards and Portugese. Why did they breed so freely with the Indian savages and the Negroes, whereas northern European colonists did not? I guess it’s because the Spaniards and Portugese were ruled by North African Moors for several hundred years, thus mongrelizing those two nationalities to some extent. So when the Spanish and Portugese arrived in the New World, many of them were already mixed with Moorish blood, which they then passed on to their Mestizo and Mulatto descendants.

    24. Dave Says:

      Tim, not to repeat Jims comment but yes,what a great observation!!!

      Jim, I have never heard anything like that. Do you have a source to back that statement up? The black blood comment?

      Tim again, heh, I think he was speaking of the Portugese and Argentines, not the Spaniards. Though,you are correct and I believe it was around 600 years of Moorish rule. There was though, as far as I have read, very little interbreeding between the two. It did happen, but not on a massive scale.

      I have always wondered about the Spanish and how ready they were to mix in the new world.

      Back to Argentina. They were one of the few countries down there to have all but completely expell the native populace.

      (side note,I am still working on my Grammar/English and am one of the few people who does appreciate criticism,this site has actually improved my Grasp of the language.)

    25. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      I believe that homosexuality is a combination of mental illness, hormonal imbalance and learned behavior. I have met many men that had behavior and body language that were red flags for me and I assumed that they were homo. I was almost always wrong! The faggy stereotype is carried by a lot of straight men who live in the cities. I believe this behavior is learned from the televitz and normally doesn’t turn these men into homos per se.

      NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) has a saying that is “eight is too late” implying that unless the homosexual behavior is implanted (through molestation) before the age of eight, the boy will be lost to their cause.
      This organization was without doubt, founded by the Jews for the one purpose of promoting Pederasty. I have read that homosexuals have certain individuals that act as recruiters who molest boys in restrooms or wherever they can get them. This confuses the boy’s sexual identity at an early age and this is where they can implant their perverted practices in the boys’ minds. If the boy is weak mentally, or the type that comes from a broken home, or succumbs to habits easily, this is the type that they love. Intact homes, loving parents, good masculine and feminine role models. This is the Jew and homosexual’s worst enemy.

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well it is true there are a lot of feminized White males sauntering around these days, especially in big Judaized cities like SF and NYC. If they’re not acting like women, then they’re worshipping Black ball players on ESPN. Probably the best thing to do would be to just kill them all.