2 April, 2010

Don’t You Know? Heterosexual is ‘Out’

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Your mailman’s a queer, your neighbor’s a “tranny,” your uncle is bi, but you’re still straight? That’s sooo 20th Century…

[Article] and [Article].

About the pro-homosexual lobby: [Here].

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  7. 28 Responses to “Don’t You Know? Heterosexual is ‘Out’”

    1. th Says:

      Sure they can make laws forcing people to accept these degenerates, but natures hates them and has come up with it’s own solution, a final solution. Any way the fag lobby has been pretty much successful in suppressing the natural penalties for unnatural acts, but the truth is the truth and faggotry will be rewarded with disease and death and so warranted. Give him a pink trianlge.

    2. Dave Says:

      Gays never bothered me until I saw them marching through the streets of San Francisco while on a road trip with my grandma. She thought it was funny,I thought it was sick. I also came across an equally appalling event in Helena Mt.

      There is one good thing about this proud to be out business.long ago,most people would hide it,marry and have a family to be accepted. Their defective genes would then be passed on. Now these people can be easily avoided.

      From talking to many gays Ive come to the conclusion that there are two types. Type a: Born that way,genes or mental illness. type b: chosen lifestyle do to “cultural”exposure,or some traumatic experience.The latter most common among women(rape,incest,abuse etc).”type b” can be cured,much like certain liberals coming out of the darkness due to some sort of revelation.

    3. Dave Says:


    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s fashionable to be a homo these days, just like it’s fashionable to be a mixed-race mongrel.

      What’s the matter, don’t you want to be cool?

    5. J.J Says:

      Dave Says: ‘type b” can be cured,much like certain liberals coming out of the darkness due to some sort of revelation.’

      Sorry but I don’t agree. Once you have taken dick you are no longer a man. Nothing you do will ever make you normal again, you are damaged goods and the white race doesn’t need you. Fags are the ultimate abomination. Thank the Gods for countries like Russia where they don’t tolerate this sickness and where fags get what they deserve. No fag/western/ZOG lobby will ever make queer degenerates normal and accepted in Russia.

    6. Virgil Says:

      Smash fagism!

    7. Dave Says:

      If you can get some fag who has racially positive views but is messed up otherwise,why wouldn’t you want him to fight with you. He could easily be a foot soldier in your army.Not someone I would want at my family dinner table,but someone you could USE.Like so many others in the “movement”.

    8. Dave Says:

      I have said this before,the purging comes later.I have had clean cut White Nationalists,former inmates, skin heads and everything in between successfully working together to achieve my goals.It has never been more appropriate to say,Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    9. Coup D'Etat Says:

      According to physchiatric studies, homosexuals have a sexual disorder. More specifically it is classified as Gender Identity Disorder which is influenced by biological factors, lack of testosterone in men but increased levels in women that cause transsexualism. There is a development with paraphilias among these people with some having temporal lobe diseases and many others with abnormal levels of androgens.

      Psychosocially, these people experiment as a child, don’t get caught, and then find the behavior acceptable among themselves. The males are known to have overly close relationships with their mothers, but are disconnected with their fathers. Homos also engage what is called “safe substitution.” These behaviors are pedophilia, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

      All in all, homosexual behavior is not only gross, but also a mental defunct problem. When they say they are born with it, it’s a bunch of B.S. These people that say this find an excuse so that others may find their behavior socially acceptable. Since these people are mentally defunct, their decisions on important matters or having rational thinking is clouded greatly. As we can see in politics and the destructive situations occuring in the U.S., many of these people hold key positions that influence government policies and social norms.

    10. Jim Says:

      In the 1950’s, men were far more masculine and women far more femininine than they are today. The blurring of sexual identity began in the 1960’s with the rise of feminism, jew liberalism, and increasing jew control of the media. The goal of the jew is to totally emasculate the power of the heterosexual White male. In the sixties, the media kikes promoted long hair on men, and a passive drug oriented sick hippy counterculture. Homos were out of the closet and the perverted, sick homo lifestyle was promoted by the jews as normal and simply an “alternate life style”.

    11. torrence Says:

      Ironically, we should welcome rapid developments along all lines of degeneracy. Like the Weimar Republic, such aberrations in society are the necessary precursors toward laying a future foundation of the coming New Age. This New Age will continue forward the European course and will show the greatest intolerance of the immorality this – the Old Age – is embracing.

      Storm – Break Loose!

    12. Dave Says:

      Jim,While I agree with most of what you say,as it is true,I happen to like my bad ass long hair. It shows off my European ancestry

      Homosexuality was actually,and should still be,classified as a mental illness. While I adhere to my former statements,It is known that gays are more likely to commit sexual crimes,child molestation top among them.

      Some have no control,their sickness dominates.Others can hold back and maintain composure,those are the ones I’ll put on the front lines.

    13. Dave Says:

      “More specifically it is classified as Gender Identity Disorder which is influenced by biological factors, lack of testosterone in men but increased levels in women that cause transsexualism.”

      …”When they say they are born with it, it’s a bunch of B.S. These people that say this find an excuse so that others may find their behavior socially acceptable.”

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Homosexuals are born with defective brains, chromosomes and testosterone levels, so they can no more be blamed for their sexual dis-orientation than a mongoloid can be blamed for having Down’s Syndrome. Still, that does not excuse promiscuous or obnoxious fag behavior. After all, they live in a society where at least 90% of the population is normal, so if they cannot or will not behave themselves, then there’s no alternative but to beat the hell out of them.

    15. Joe_C Says:

      My family lived in San Francisco when it was still a 95% normal White blue collar city. I could just insult homosexuals out of spite, so I can’t prove the following statement is not out of emotion. It isn’t. If anyone parks their car on Castro Street, they will very clearly see many hundreds of individuals walk by who suffer from birth defects. “Physically retarded.” One bizarre characteristic is the very grotesque high cheekbones. Sometimes they walk just staring into space with their head tilted to one side, many can be see dragging one leg, odd muscle tones, limbs that aren’t straight, etc. For every homosexual who lifts weights, is tan, and a figure of health, there are a half dozen “physical retards.” One social custom of homosexuals in “the Stro” is an extremely bizarre choice of wardrobe. I mean, that would be one thing that might be attributed to them that they could brag about. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example, colors that don’t match, pants that are hemmed far too high (VERY common), clothing that simply does not fit, etc.

    16. Captain Slappy Says:

      It’s the “per usual” homo and bi- deviants outing themselves to ride the gravy train, retard band-wagon. Unfortunately, we have to get used to seeing that more and more, and keep teaching normal people they are as described above: mentally incapable degenerates.

      Never forget: Ma Nature and God don’t make mistakes. Stupid humans do. THOSE stupid humans most especially.

      As for “psychology”-
      Let me iterate the most important thing about their retarded deviancy in a normal society (well, not so normal now): Junkies and Degenerates, no matter their addiction, do anything humanly possible to justify BEING and ACTING like a junkie and degenerate.
      You might note that just about everything falls under that, including “AWD” (Attention Whore Disorder), “Gay” and “Bi-Sexual”.

      Also, always point out to these morons that there is no such thing as “static gay or bi-sexualism” in nature, or humanity, and there never will be, and never was. You see, naturally, you seek the other half to procreate (as was pointed out above), but throw at them the “human” element that obviously “gay is not ok” and “being bi- is a waste of human time” as every society on earth, and EVERY empire has ruthlessly suppressed that stupidity for a reason.

      The reason? Those junkies are too stupid to be productive, and useful. Ever. They are an infection, and just like garbage, you don’t keep it in your house until it runs YOU out, you run it out, and get rid of it.

      There is no such thing as a gay “gene”, nor a “bi-” gene. Utter horseshit, as Nature has NEVER made that “gene”, and NEVER will (that would immediately doom all of humanity within 15 generations). What it IS, is the basics of above, being a retarded junkie, and having a severe case of narcissism (selfishness, but beyond that). Which should explain why so many “enlightened celebrities” always say they are (and being AWD, it wouldn’t matter what they say, they are for all intents and purposes, retarded).

      It is a junkie choice, in a junkie world. Notice how no such gene existed before, only now. These morons can’t even use psychology, or history to back themselves up, as neither will even entertain their useless degeneracy.

      Final psychological point: Just like drug dealers and pedophiles, gays love to chase kids. They can’t breed, so they have to desperately justify their pathetic and wasted existence by infecting others, mentally (just like Joos and Commies). If you will notice, no normal adult will entertain them as we are intelligent and logical, so the junkies in this case simply have to chase someone with the same mental capacity: Children.

      Never let it be said a junkie won’t find an excuse, or a reason.
      They have ALWAYS fought like cornered rats, and just like rats, they eventually get stomped, and thrown into the garbage.
      We all get to make choices, these idiots simply seem to think the rules only apply to me, and not themselves, but not to worry, you have to pay for your choices in THIS lifetime, and yes indeedy, their ship is coming in.

      When the Pendulum swings one way, you better watch it baby, it WILL swing the other. God NEVER half-assed this system, humans, or the world. Only humans are stupid enough to think that.

    17. Coup D'Etat Says:

      They ARE NOT born with the disorder. It IS NOT chromosomal. It is a defect that can be behavorially modified. It can be behaviorally modified with modified behavior and cognitive therapy and hormone drugs. The environment plays a bigger factor in either subjecting this behavior or eliminating it.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      C d’E, your argument is unbelievably outdated and discredited. Are you one of those Freudian types who thinks our adult personalities are based on childhood obsessions with pee-pee and ca-ca?

    19. Dave Says:

      Coup,so? Weren’t they BORN with or at least born predisposed to those levels of testosterone? Explain families that have multiple gay offspring? Biological traits aren’t something we inherit???

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      “…………For every homosexual who lifts weights, is tan, and a figure of health, there are a half dozen “physical retards.” One social custom of homosexuals in “the Stro” is an extremely bizarre choice of wardrobe. I mean, that would be one thing that might be attributed to them that they could brag about…….”


      Wow, I always thought most queer men had impeccable fashion-sense, like Mr. Humphries on “Are You Being Served?”

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Joe_C, I think it’s safe to say that many if not most queer men are runts and weaklings. There is a theory that many male homos were born from mothers who had previously given birth to several normal, healthy boys. The theory basically says that such women have simply “run out” of adequate amounts of boy-making material, so the next one that pops out will most likely be a swish. An example of this theory can be seen with the late Andy Warhol, the effeminate pop-artist icon who had two older brothers who were very big, tough and manly Pollack farmboy-types.

    22. Coup D'Etat Says:

      Have there been studies to prove that homosexuality is genetic? You would think by now that is the case. Huntington’s disease is genetic, Schizophrenic is genetic, Alzheimers is genetic. Why wouldn’t homesexualtiy be genetic? Davie and Timmy, obviously you lack information, lack understanding, and don’t read much. Davie wants to confuse between someone who is “born with” and genetics.

      Let me reinterate: This is a disorder that is not genetic. Environmental conditions can very well alter the brain chemistry. This is not to confuse with the inherited disorders such as Schizophrenia in which the environment causes symptoms to the predisposition of inherited genes. Studies have proven that. And, as far as being born with this disorder; to make this very clear to you both, the answer is — No. Studies have proven that children have a very good sense on sexual identity by age 7 and can understand the differences between the male and female parent.

      As far as families with mutiple gay offspring, there is dysfuntion in the family unit including sexual abuse.

      Timmy said: “Are you one of those Freudian types who thinks our adult personalities are based on childhood obsessions with pee-pee and ca-ca?”

      Aren’t you a real winner? What’s the matter, Timmy? Are you trying to hide your true indiscretions? Possibly the homosexuality part? You are a fucking idiot.

    23. Irma Grese Says:

      Now now gentilemen, play nice! We’re all good Aryans here! I think Tim may have a point regarding possible genetic origins of fudge-packerism. If it IS genetic then it can be eleminated via eugentics in the future Reich along with pedos and other such diseases. Something to look forward to!!

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      “You are a fucking idiot.”

      This guy who calls himself Coup D’Etat is a real piece of work. You don’t agree with his idiotic agruments? OK, then you’re a closet homo AND a “fucking idiot”. Go read some Plato and see how arguments are supposed to be put forward, you..you….fucking idiot!

    25. Dave Says:

      Hahaha! Oh man. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you guy’s are ever in Montana look me up,we’ll have some fun discussions,hit the shooting range and end the day with some good beer.

    26. Kuda Bux Says:

      “Assume that 5% of males have a homosexual orientation as adults. Consider two identical newborn twin boys who were separated at birth and raised in different homes without any contact with each other. If homosexuality were caused by something in the environment, then, if twin #1 turned out to be gay, the chances of the other twin becoming a gay adults would only be about 5%. That is because the second twin would have been exposed to a totally different environment during his upbringing. So his chances of being gay would be the same as for any other male — about 5%. But, studies have reliably shown that if one twin is gay, there is about a 55% chance that the
      other twin will be gay.”


    27. Happy Himmler Says:

      whether or not Faggotry is genetic – one thing is blatantly clear-the the Fag movement is an ‘ace’ that Kikes are using to accelerate the genetic devolution of civilization.

      Kikes empower Fags- Kikes assist Fags in taking over white Banks, Factories,farms, etc… though like the Kikes the Fags don’t do any hard work- the Fags like their Jew Banksta friends are just money-launderers…having only enough physical energy to lift the pen up to write the check which pays the white-slave to do the hard labor.

      You can bet that as the parasitic Kike uses the black race to destroy the whites- so too they are using the Fags/Homos to degenerate society- even Popes look the other way when their ‘bretheren’ are Faggots who prey on young boys- this behaviour is much loved by all of Kikedom as they see their plans to destroy the white race and the world at large come to fruition.

      Problem- if Fags are faggots by genetic inheiritance should they be
      quarantined with their Kike bretheren somewhere in the desert where neither type of parasite has the possibility to survive?

    28. Andrei's ghost Says:

      A “man” trapped in a “woman’s” body who doesn’t want breast, has breast cancer, what a drag…..

      Navratilova has breast cancer; prognosis excellent


      NEW YORK — Tennis great Martina Navratilova has been diagnosed with a noninvasive form of breast cancer and her prognosis is considered excellent.

      Navratilova said in a phone interview Wednesday that a routine mammogram in January found a lump, and a biopsy the following month determined it was ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS. The nine-time Wimbledon women’s singles champion had a lumpectomy in March and will start six weeks of radiation therapy next month.

      “It was such a shock for me,” Navratilova said. “It was my 9/11.”

      According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 50,000 women each year are diagnosed with DCIS, in which abnormal cells haven’t left the milk duct to penetrate breast tissue. It’s removed because it is a risk factor for developing invasive cancer. Only about 2 percent of DCIS patients die of breast cancer in the next 10 years.

      People magazine’s Web site first reported Navratilova’s diagnosis.

      Navratilova said she initially wanted to keep her diagnosis quiet, but decided she could help others by going public. She will do a Web chat Thursday in her role as the AARP’s Health and Fitness Ambassador, when she hopes not only to teach participants but to learn from them.

      Navratilova plans to work as a commentator for the Tennis Channel during the French Open while undergoing radiation therapy in Paris, and she wants to hear from others whether she’ll have the energy to do that.

      One of the most accomplished tennis players in history and an outspoken voice for social causes, Navratilova won 59 Grand Slam titles overall, including 18 in singles, 31 in doubles and 10 in mixed doubles. The last was a mixed doubles championship with Bob Bryan at the 2006 U.S. Open, a month shy of Navratilova’s 50th birthday.

      She originally retired in 1994, with a record 167 singles titles and having spent 331 weeks ranked No. 1. She returned to the tour as a doubles player in 2000 and couldn’t resist dabbling in singles, including a first-round victory at Wimbledon in 2004.

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