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1 March, 2022

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You can only milk something for so long, and then you’ve got to end it. So it is with the Covid-19 Terror: the masks, the mandates, the endless jabs. Are we supposed to believe that, all of a sudden, in late February 2022, it was just a coincidence that every local, state and federal government […]

18 February, 2022

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Voter #1: “The leftists are going to have to steal the November mid-term elections.“ Voter #2: “Why?” Voter #1: “Do you honestly think that the leftists can win the elections on their own, without theft? Honestly??? After all the crap they have pulled during the Big Biden Nightmare? The 2020 election theft? The Afghanistan pullout […]

16 February, 2022

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A Russian expert: “Trump broke the transition to a post-capitalistic (neo-socialist) system.” [1][2]. So that’s why they had to steal the 2020 election and “coup” our President Donald Trump! It keeps coming back to Trump, as I have said before. No wonder they were pushing the Covid-19 vaccines and lockdowns so hard! No wonder the […]

19 January, 2022

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Like it or not, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 exists. If the November 2020 election was stolen (and it was: Dementia Joe didn’t get anywhere near 80 million votes — more like 80,000 votes), then our White voting rights were violated. The various state Attorney Generals who are supposed to address the 2020 election […]

5 November, 2021

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“Fascism is alive and well in America” says a Jewish actress [1]. It is?? Great!! Where is this fascism? In Virginia? Where is it at, exactly? (But I thought fascists were anti-democratic?? Mussolini certainly was) [2]. [Article]. . . [1] Rosanna Arquette has a Jewish mother, making her a Jew under Jewish religious law (i.e., […]

13 September, 2021

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If they aren’t literal/actual Marxists, they are at least Marxists in their thirst for political power and social control: “General Flynn says there is a giant psyop being run on the American people to take their eyes off of the 2020 election fraud. General Flynn explains, ÔÇťAbsolutely, Covid…Afghanistan, the border situation, and we are not […]

26 July, 2021

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The leftists already committed one coup: they stole the federal 2020 election and therefore illegally removed Donald Trump from office and also illegally installed the current “Biden” administration [1]. That’s a very serious felony and it may even be treason or sedition, depending on certain factors, such as who was involved (did high-ranking U.S. government […]

2 June, 2021

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(America was half-way normal until Donald Trump won the November 2016 election. Then things started going to hell. Just a coincidence? No. That’s exactly why things went to hell. Had anybody else been elected, America would still be half-way normal). In early 2016, the Judeo-Left thought it finally had America bagged [1]. Yep. Traditional America […]

13 March, 2021

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So, let’s consider this claim: liberals stole the 2020 election, but the real threat to “democracy” is “white conservatives” in the U.S. Senate, which they don’t even control?? (The current Senate make-up is 50-to-51 in favor of liberals when you count Vice-President Harris’ vote, which is a tie-breaking vote). My god, those people… [Article]. I […]

9 March, 2021

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Robin: “Holy matzo balls, Batman! You mean the 2020 election was stolen because the Jewish media bosses were trembling in fear over the possibility of Trumpism spreading throughout America and endangering God’s Chosen People??” Batman: “Exactly, Robin! But don’t say that aloud, or, we might get canceled by the Jewish-led cancel culture and end up […]