26 July, 2021

The Second Leftist Coup

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The leftists already committed one coup: they stole the federal 2020 election and therefore illegally removed Donald Trump from office and also illegally installed the current “Biden” administration [1]. That’s a very serious felony and it may even be treason or sedition, depending on certain factors, such as who was involved (did high-ranking U.S. government officials help rogue foreign powers — such as China — steal the election? The answer would seem to be “yes” and that’s likely a hanging or firing-squad offense; if it isn’t, then it damn well should be made such ASAP via a federal law).

Now the leftists are trying for another coup: this one will be broader in scope. It would “nationalize” and liberalize all future elections in America. The states would have very little — if any — power over the elections, and rampant election fraud would be guaranteed each time and such fraud opportunities would favor the Left since leftists have no moral qualms about committing felonies and violating RICO laws.

It’s bad enough that leftists are brainwashing our children and ruining our country in 10 different ways. Are we also going to put up with their endless treasonous coups? (As late as the mid-1960s, such coup-plotters as mentioned above would have been shot or hanged by the government).

Americans must decide whether or not they are going to allow the Left to get away with all of this baloney, because so far it has gotten off scott-free.


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