10 March, 2015

Oklahoma: Two White Students Expelled from University for “Racist” Chant

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Apparently, there were no Blacks on the bus. So who did the Whites offend with their “racist” chant? I hope that the expelled students file lawsuits against the university.


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    1. fd Says:

      Why is this even news? Is their a race board hotline? The race commissars on the Potomac are drinking champagne and eating caviar.

      Our Southern football pep rally at the gym went like this: hammer hammer rubber duck — we all know that niggers suck.

    2. Mary O Says:

      No person or group referred to in pejorative language is physically or in any material way harmed by the words per se.

      This over-reaction to the mere utterance of verbal symbol (that is, a word) is an example of the concept of ritual impurity.

      Cultural Marxism is a return to witchcraft.

      Hundreds of students have protested the fraternity’s actions. Some of them arrived Monday morning on the campus’ North Oval with tape over their mouths …

      With tape over their mouths? Could they have been protesting censureship of free speech?

      The university has 21K undergrads, but only hundreds are reported as protesting. The Left used to be able to move college students out in droves at the flick of switch.

    3. Jürgen Says:

      Notice how arrogant jews demand that YOUUUU be tolerant, Whitey,
      but that their high and holy hebe policy is one of ZERO TOLERANCE.
      The hypocrite sanhedrin. Where’s my fucking Zyklon B?

    4. Jim Says:

      I just thought I’d post a link to this story a couple years that went down the memory hole after a day as yet another example of how some stories are hushed up while others have legs that take them on and on and on: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/26/nyregion/hikind-defends-wearing-blackface-to-purim-party.html?_r=0

      Bear in mind that the Jew in the story is a state Assembly member from liberal Jew York City’s Brooklyn borough, not just a Southern college kid. Did he have to go into hiding and kiss all the black ass he could get his lips on? No. In fact, he doubled down and said he couldn’t understand how anyone could be offended by him wearing blackface at his Purim party. As expected, the story was quietly dropped after a day.

      Just once in the mainstream press, I’d like for some guest on CNN another MSM TV outlet to point out that while everyone’s been wringing their hands for the last three days about words white kids sang among themselves in private that are offensive to negroes … another 300 white women all across America were raped by colored men. That is if that 2005 statistic that VNN’ers toss around is reliable. Supposedly, something like 37,000 white women were raped that year by colored men (presumably black, Mestizo, etc. or just by black men?) Can anyone provide a link to that to confirm it?

    5. Mary O Says:

      White college students are not allowed to let down their guard even for one moment with their friends, even when their self-expression causes no harm to others.

      To claim that words can actually harm people, esp. when no supposed victim was present, is to promote to the principles of voo-doo incantation.

      Since even the slightest transgression will punished with threats from the Justice Department (!), and being permanently branded as not “management material” (since the transgressor supposedly cannot be fair in dealing with subordinates), best to minimize contact with these hostile academic authorities.

      These transgressions are often taken completely out of context: consider the senior citizen who lost her job at the same university for singing a rap song. She was politically correct to the max, but the ax fell anyway, making her look like a very silly old fool.

      Living on campus or in affiliated frat arrangements leave college students too vulnerable to attack.

      What could get on anyone’s nerves more than having to filter every word 24/7, even after a few beers? What if the student is just kidding around with a pal, and the pal decides to report him to the college administration for using “bias” words? What if he is stressed out, or exhausted after a tough exam, and loses his temper with someone? Should his life be ruined only for trusting the wrong “friends”?

      The best strategy would be to avoid leftists as much as possible by taking only serious courses like math and science, and never showing up on campus except to attend class and lab sessions.

      The risk of attending any unnecessary college-sponsored events far exceeds the benefits. And almost any humanities course is a potential mine field.

      Avoiding the campus can also work out cheaper.

      The DoJ is looking for a young White man to use as an Eichmann; that is, put on a huge media spectacle based on ridiculous claims. Consider the elderly who are currently on trial in Europe for guarding “death camps.” No one can stop the authorities in their persecution of helpless innocents. No one will be able to stop them from putting a frat on trial for “conspiracy to commit racial genocide” no matter how laughable the grounds.

    6. fd Says:

      Mary O, witchcraft is a stream of ancient White paganism. It taps into the natural world to live in accordance with nature. It’s a thousand times better than Christianity which is 24 carat Jewish.

    7. Mary O Says:

      The public is losing its grip on reality. We need to return to scientific reason.

      The problem with witchcraft, voo-doo and feng shui is that they flout science. Sticking pins in dolls does nothing. Offering animal or human sacrifice does nothing. Similarly, using the n-word does nothing.

      Advocates of such belief systems will argue that ritual itself is important, because it facilitates a certain mood and focus. For example, one feng shui tradition advises securing gold coins in a sealed jar as a way to gain wealth. Might not the act of going through this small rite induce in the participant a certain focus on the general idea of saving money? Possibly it may have a beneficial effect on morale, which may assist in achieving the goal. However, more practical activities, like balancing a checkbook, or putting bills into a spreadsheet, could achieve the same effect, or even a stronger effect.

      Rituals are not necessarily a waste of time; but they are only actions coded as symbols. For rituals to mean anything, people have to make them mean something. A fantasy element is always involved.

      Using the n-word is deemed ritual impurity. The entire frat had to be banished immediately from the campus lest they spread their contamination. Isn’t there a certain irony in a university succumbing to mass hysteria and delusion? Professors are leading witch hunts.

      In the Eichmann case, the media whipped up a huge public frenzy, and the ridiculous claims of the Jews were taken as seriously as if they were fact.

      Also, the Nuremberg Trial itself contained coerced and completely nonsensical testimony relating to numbers of deaths occurring in work camps like Auschwitz, and also kitsch like the tale of soap being manufactured from Jewish fat.

      Consider the trials of Demjanjuk. He was only a prison guard in WW2, and he was tormented to his death with ridiculous claims of having murdered 27K+ Jews, which even included a conviction in a German court.

      The general public has a collective personality. She is about 12 years old.

      And, she needs parent figures to talk some sense into her.

    8. fd Says:

      Pagan science and learning was destroyed in the Dark Ages also known as the Christian Dark Ages. The Bible claims the earth is flat and the center of the universe wtf.

      I have nothing against wicca nor have I ever been involved in the practice. Megalomaniac Cotton Mather promoted wicca indirectly so Christians in New England would have more innocent females to burn. Christians have a long history of burning pagans in the name of the Jew god. How primitive is that?

      Nazi rocket scientist put White man on the moon. They were unencumbered by religion and Jewish Democratic Capitalism.

      Trials and courthouses are lawless

      The only reason White students should go to college is to destroy it.

      It is very hard for Southern man to say NEGRO.

    9. Mary O Says:

      The New Testament also incorporates Greek thought.

      “In the beginning was the Word (Gk. logos, logic, pure reason) …”

      Also, where in the Bible does it say the earth is flat, and the center of the universe?

      The real problem with Christianity is that the people running the churches, the leadership, just do not care about us.

      For wanting our own nation, we are deemed “selfish.”

      For wanting sovereignty, we are deemed “arrogant.”

      For defending ourselves, we are deemed “violent.”

      And, face it, most clergy, including nuns, are homosexual. They hate us for our social conservatism.

      They think Communism is all about sharing, and that
      Che Guevara was a saint.

      The clergy are children. We should not look to them for practical leadership.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      What percentage of this regimes White folks could understand the posts above ?

      I mean from ditch diggers/skilled, to dentists and auto mechanics.

      As for eviljellycultists count them as permanently, arrogantly stupid.

      On a side note about the road were on.


      The Military Can’t Find Enough Good Men Dumb Enough To Join
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      “The majority of potential Army reservists are either hooked on prescription drugs, have too many tattoos, are overweight or have mental conditions that prohibit them from joining the military.” This is not my opinion. This is what recruiters say. I say that this is a good thing. The fewer Americans who are qualified to join the military the better.

      1:33 pm on February 24, 2015
      Email Laurence M. Vance

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O, you and dozen others have always been the best reason for checking in here.

      Thank you Mary and the rest of the excellent posters here, as every word is so needed in these times to motivate our spirits.