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29 March, 2021

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“Back in 1976 1 gave you the ZOG-concept. As a long-time African resident, I could see what should have been obvious to those on this continent who were supposedly attempting to fight… Who knows? Some claimed that The Enemy was the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, the dreaded, but conveniently anonymous “Insiders”. As a simple […]

29 March, 2021

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Diversity: a code word for “fewer White people but more Brown/Black people.” In other words: the dispossession of White people in their own countries. In other words: genocide. Who built the U.S. military anyway? White people. So, the very people who built the military are being pushed to the sidelines. Good! It’s time for Whitey […]

24 November, 2009

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What’s the difference between the old Bush administration and the new Obama administration? The Jews have different names: [Article].

11 May, 2009

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“Freedom of speech,” huh? What country do you think this is? (By the way, newbies, “ZOG,” a term coined by Thomson, stands for “Zionist Occupation Government”): [Article].