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13 February, 2022

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Seen: a video about dogs. Some people have said that dogs are too revered and too important in America. For example, a woman will own a dog, but not have a husband/boyfriend. Is that true? I can see both sides of the argument. Unlike cats, dogs have utility: security and companionship. Plus, dogs have no […]

2 September, 2021

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It will be interesting to see what happens to the 46 service dogs that the U.S. military abandoned in Afghanistan. Why? Because Muslims hate dogs. They consider them to be “unclean” (but I’ll bet my dog is cleaner than most Afghans). Those dogs were good dogs, too: well-trained and loyal. Well, that’s what you get […]

31 December, 2019

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“Diversity makes America stronger!” say the Jews. Really? That must be why the Jews are trying to make Israel more and more Jewish! Indeed, the Jews have destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages since 1948, and they continue to build illegal housing settlements in the stolen (i.e., stolen by them) West Bank. It seems that “diversity” […]

26 June, 2019

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“Pit bulls are 5 to 8 times more likely to attack than other dogs.” Indeed. Pit bulls make great pets until they suddenly pull your arm off, or maul you to death. They should be banned by federal law. The same situation that exists with pit bulls also exists with negroes: they both commit a […]

23 March, 2016

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Not nationalist-related, just interesting: [Article].