31 December, 2019

The Coming Joys of Muslim America

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“Diversity makes America stronger!” say the Jews. Really? That must be why the Jews are trying to make Israel more and more Jewish! Indeed, the Jews have destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages since 1948, and they continue to build illegal housing settlements in the stolen (i.e., stolen by them) West Bank. It seems that “diversity” isn’t a popular idea in Israel.

But I digress a little bit. Lots of Muslim immigrants have come to America in recent years. Many more are coming. Is that a good thing?

Not only do Muslims enjoy sex with 10-year-old girls, but, they hate dogs and treat them cruelly [1]. To Muslims, dogs (man’s faithful companion for centuries) are “unclean.” Some Muslims won’t even touch a dog! (In other words, smelly immigrant Allahu Snackbar is worried about nasty doggy bacteria harming his health but he has no qualms about blowing himself up with explosives).



[1] according to most Muslims, sex with children is not controversial and, in fact, the prophet Muhammad diddled children

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