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1 January, 2022

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Almost every major “climate change expert” was or is a Jew, since circa 1970 [1]. “A year ago the Argonauts, my distinguished team of ten climate scientists and researchers, including a former head of the U.S. Global Climate Change Research Program, a tenured professor of control theory and an expert on the global electricity industry, […]

9 November, 2021

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A good quote: “At root, almost every globalist and transnational institution and summit has a common feature: the endless transfer of wealth from the First World, the historic oppressors, to their alleged Third World victims. These gatherings are to determine how much in reparations the latter can extort from a conscience-stricken West.” Yes. White people […]

6 November, 2021

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Seen: a White writer talking about “climate-change science” with a straight face (okay, with a straight computer). Ha-ha-ha! That “science” is totally Jewed crap, ever since Earth Day 1970 and its founder, the Jew, Ira “The Killer” Einhorn, who murdered his White girlfriend. What a creep. (Today, the media says that Einhorn wasn’t the founder […]

26 October, 2021

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This is a disturbing UK government report, for sure. Orwellian psyops (psychological operations). But: a big difference between America and Britain is: the Brits have long accepted heavy-handed governmental controls. The Americans? Not so much. We are much more freedom-loving than they are. In Britain, there are security video cameras on every street corner. It’s […]

18 October, 2021

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No, a foolish green Marxism law won’t help the state, because liberalism is a weapon. Like socialism (which is less revolutionary) and communism (which is more revolutionary), leftism is a weapon against White Western culture. A weapon against Normal White People. Expecting liberalism to help your state is like expecting poison to improve your health. […]

9 October, 2021

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The principles of free speech (by the way, the concept of “free speech” came from White men in 1789 France; we invent it, they remove it) are well-established: as long as you don’t falsely yell “fire” in a crowded theater (it could cause a stampede), or yell “let’s go burn the city down!” (that’s inciting […]

7 October, 2021

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In February 2019, it snowed in Los Angeles for the first time in 60 years; it also snowed in February 2019 in Las Vegas (a rarity) and twice in Tucson, AZ. (twice per year is nearly unheard of there). Also, three feet of snow fell in Montana in late September 2019. But winter doesn’t begin […]

6 October, 2021

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Vaccines are mankind’s silly attempts to “play God” according to many Christian people (e.g., Calvinists). So why would the Catholics embrace Covid-19 vaccines? But then again, why not? The “new” Catholic Church has already embraced massive non-White immigration into the West, and it embraced “climate change” baloney, too, so the church might as well go […]

18 September, 2021

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It’s becoming clear: the ideology of the Covidian Cult and why some people believe that Covid is part of a twisted leftist/globalist agenda. Indeed, some leftists want a virus to ravage the world in order to thin the population — they have actually said that! It’s documented. And yet they dare to call us “extremists”! […]

13 September, 2021

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Leftist #1: (moans in sexual ecstasy) “White countries are being punished?? (moans) Ohhhh!! That’s wonderful!!!” Leftist #2: (moans in sexual ecstasy) “Ohhhhh, those evil White people!! That’s great news!!! I hate White people!!” (moans). Why do I say “climax change”? Well, of course I’m being funny, but, it’s because every leftist likely has a sexual […]