1 January, 2022

Climatology: a Jewish Science

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Almost every major “climate change expert” was or is a Jew, since circa 1970 [1].

“A year ago the Argonauts, my distinguished team of ten climate scientists and researchers, including a former head of the U.S. Global Climate Change Research Program, a tenured professor of control theory and an expert on the global electricity industry, submitted a paper explaining climatology’s error to a leading climate-science journal whose editor has said that those whom he calls “climate deniers” have no credible argument against the Party Line.

In all that time, he has not been able to find any reviewer who can refute our result. That, gentle reader, is why the climate Communists are trembling with fear. It’s game over, and They know it.”



[1] the two 1970s-era “godfathers” of the ecology-pest/climate change/green movement are probably Dr. Barry Commoner and Dr. Stephen H. Schneider. Both were Jews. Another, more-infamous eco-pest was also a Jew: Ira Einhorn, the founder of Earth Day in 1970 and a convicted killer; Commoner was also a key figure of Earth Day 1970. Greenies are now distancing themselves from killer Einhorn; Jews seem to be attracted to the eco-pest movement (tikkun olam? “Fixing the world that the White people are destroying” in other words!). The famous Jewish author Norman Mailer, also a major eco-pest, blamed Whites for global environmental destruction (i.e., “WASP methods” are killing the planet).

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