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14 March, 2022

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When Jews run the West (they really do), this is the result. Things that Jews invented (nukes) could harm the climate, according to Jewish climate-theory! [1]. Consider: our Western media is heavily-Jewish. The “climate-change” theorists are mostly Jewish as well. (But I was unable to discover the ethnic background of the author of that nukes/climate […]

29 October, 2020

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It’s usually a Jew who pioneers radical, alarmist, the-world-will-end-soon theories which depress, distract, frighten and confuse the White population, e.g., “human population bombs,” “global warming will kill us all in 12 years,” “Reagan will start WWIII with his nuclear-weapons ambitions,” “Donald Trump is really a fascist in sheep’s clothing and he’ll never leave office,” “Coronavirus […]