29 October, 2020

The “Population Bomb” That Wasn’t

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It’s usually a Jew who pioneers radical, alarmist, the-world-will-end-soon theories which depress, distract, frighten and confuse the White population, e.g., “human population bombs,” “global warming will kill us all in 12 years,” “Reagan will start WWIII with his nuclear-weapons ambitions,” “Donald Trump is really a fascist in sheep’s clothing and he’ll never leave office,” “Coronavirus will kill us all in 6 months,” etc. The “population bomb” (explosion) never happened as Ehrlich predicted [1][2]. Indeed, birth rates in the West are half of what they were in 1968; but granted, parts of Africa are now experiencing surges in population growth, since negroes are only capable of three things: eating, stealing and fucking).


[1] Paul R. Ehrlich is an American biologist and author of the book “The Population Bomb” (1968). He had a Jewish mother, named Rosenberg, making him Jewish under Jewish religious law.

[2] The Population Bomb “predicted worldwide famine in the 1970s and 1980s due to overpopulation” — Wikipedia, October 2020

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