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10 April, 2019

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“Human rights” are like ghosts: nearly everyone claims to have seen one, or heard one, but there’s zero evidence that they even exist except in the minds of leftists and Jews. “Human rights” (there are 30 of them, apparently!) are “rights that all human beings have.” Really? Ha-ha-ha! According to who? Hmmm? God? Santa Clause? […]

20 June, 2017

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“The ECHR’s (the human blights court) rulings are in theory binding. However, Russia’s contentious relationship with the court has seen it pass a law allowing its constitution to supersede the European Court.” Good, but why did the Russians need to pass a law to claim their natural sovereignty, which has always existed? [1]. Nevertheless, what’s […]

15 June, 2017

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The arrogance of the Muslims: first, they invade the White West – uninvited and unwanted by the citizens – and then they file lawsuits against Whites when the Whites object to the Islamification of their countries. Rude critters. Newbies, Canada isn’t a Muslim country and it wasn’t intended to be. It’s a White country founded […]

11 July, 2013

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And to think that Europe is a White region. By the way, there’s no such thing as a “human right.” It’s a nothing term that was invented mostly by Jews who walked around repeating it until it became “legitimate.” [Article].

17 June, 2011

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A human blights committee champions faggotry – with encouragement from the U.S. State Department. Since global government is illegal (a violation of natural sovereignty), why did they waste their time passing this resolution? (a trick question). [Article].

26 April, 2011

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Are you a human blight (e.g., a homosexual, a negro, a Jew)? If so, then maybe you should move to Canada. Up there, special “tribunals” will protect you from dangerous words – and you can score big money, too! [Article].