8 May, 2021

More Equality Baloney, or, Stop the Human-Blights Tyranny

Posted by Socrates in 'human rights', 'sex-change', 'transgender', Cultural Marxism, human blights, human equality at 2:51 pm | Permanent Link

Here it comes: The “Equality Act.” A new snivel-rights/human-blights law. (A human blight = a tranny, for example, or a queer or a negro). As if we need another human-blights law. We have lots of them already.

Civil rights, human rights, gender rights — it’s all Cultural Marxism trying to make everybody “equal” when they cannot ever be.

Hundreds of major companies are supporting this legislation. So much for capitalism being your friend. Some friend. (One reason big capitalism likes this type of nonsense is because these types of laws often bankrupt smaller businesses who can’t afford to comply with such laws. That, in turn, means less competition for the bigger guys).

First of all, there’s no such thing as “transgender.”

Second of all, trannies already have “protection” under the law, as do all citizens.

“The Equality Act, if made law, would enable any male, by simply declaring himself a woman, to enter private female-only spaces at will, like changing rooms, jails, shelters, and dormitories.” (This law would be big trouble).


More [Here].

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