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2 June, 2020

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First: [Image/text]. . Later: [Image/text].

22 February, 2020

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A TV commercial, featuring a female voice-over and images of sad, White women: *(slow, melancholic piano music begins)* “Hi. This is Ruth Goldberg Weinberg Silverstein of The National Center for Rape Diversity. Today, millions of White women are raped by White men. It’s not fair. It’s the travesty of our time. But it doesn’t have […]

28 January, 2020

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German officer: “Okay, my patience is wearing thin, Jew. Do you really expect me to believe that you’ve spent the last 4 days at a hemorrhoid-treatment convention in Krakow?? I mean, I know that you Jews are obsessed with everything anal, but that’s ridiculous!”

28 September, 2019

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Mafia funnies: the upside of the mob giving you “cement shoes”: — they’re free — one-size-fits-all — “concrete gray” is a neutral color, so the shoes will go with any outfit — you’ll only have to wear them once — no shoelaces to fumble with — they’re very durable; in fact, they’ll outlive you — […]

19 September, 2019

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German officer: “So, then, you weren’t at the big communist gathering in Lodz, eh?? You really want me to believe that you’ve spent 3 days at a liverwurst-appreciation festival in Krakow?? Are you going to stick with that story, or will you invent another one?”

25 April, 2019

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(Sung to the tune of the 1967 hippie anthem “San Francisco”) San Franqueersco If you are going to San Franqueersco Be sure to have many condoms in your jeans If you are going to San Franqueersco You’re gonna meet crazy people there For those who come in San Franqueersco Summertime will have some gonorrhea there […]

7 February, 2019

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In the old days, before the Age of Human Equality, whenever the temperature in our city dropped to freezing (32 degrees), the local media would warn people to cover their plants with sheets or blankets, so the plants wouldn’t be harmed by the frosty weather. But today, we live in the Age of the Homeless […]

1 November, 2018

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Jews and leftists are always inventing funny things out of thin air (“global warming,” “hate crime,” “gay rights” and other baloney). Well, I can invent things, too. I just made a law: “The 2000 Transsexual Propaganda Awareness Act.” As an added bonus, I made the law regional in scope, and I even made the law […]

12 October, 2016

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German officer: “Just where do you think you’re going??” Jew: “We’re going to a Communist Party meeting. Where else would we be going?”

24 August, 2016

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(Of course, there already is a Jewish lobotomy device for the gentiles: the TV) [Video].