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15 February, 2022

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“Norma Rae” (1979), starring Sally Field; a pro-labor-union movie. Why did 60% of American jobs go overseas? Labor unions. Why did the auto industry collapse in 2009? Labor unions. (General Motors going bankrupt was the biggest manufacturing collapse in U.S. history. It cost $11 billion dollars to bail out GM. Paying a union worker $30 […]

9 February, 2022

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Move over, mafia members! You’ve got competition. There’s another syndicate at work. It seems that Commander Senile directed DOJ to open the private mail of conservatives in Congress. That’s a federal crime [1]. And that’s not the only slippery thing this new crime syndicate has done. It also directed Capitol police to illegally photograph private […]

4 October, 2021

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“American culture is the only culture that glorifies the mafia. Look at Al Capone. He goes to a baseball game and 50 citizens crowd around him, eagerly seeking his autograph.” — paraphrasing Joseph Goebbels, German Reich Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945. The citizens did the same thing with New York mobster John Gotti. [Article].

14 January, 2021

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Jews have a unique talent for being involved in things that are harmful to the Western world: the liquor industry, porno, trying to legalize illegal drugs, gambling, etc. In fact, the mafia in America was, at first, Jewish (e.g., Detroit’s Purple Gang, Dutch Shultz, Arnold Rothstein, Mickey Cohen). But then the Italians overtook the Jews […]

19 November, 2020

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Seen on a web video: a Texas man visiting Atlantic City, N.J. and commenting: “all the restaurants are closed, but the casino is open.” Yeah, that just figures. Either the mob, or the liberals, want the casinos open. Same difference, same scam. Covid-19 is a giant fraud.

23 March, 2020

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If Charles Darwin was right about natural selection, is the Mafia good and just, since it embodies the “survival of the fittest” (however you might measure that)? If Group X can wipe out Group Y, then Group X will wipe out Group Y, and it will survive, and Group Y will end and cease to […]

4 January, 2020

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A joke: did you hear about the “LGBTQ” mafia family? These guys are a little different: they don’t whack people. They whack people off. Anyway. First, he was a man. Then, he “became” a woman. Now, he’s a man again. Understand? Newbies, the so-called “LGBTQ” movement was virtually built by Jews. [Article].

29 December, 2019

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(Did you know that, in 1915, organized crime in America was largely Jewish? It was later over-taken by the Italian mafia, since the Italians outnumbered the Jews by a good percentage). Anyhow: — Italian mob racketeering includes: various gambling operations, various types of insurance fraud, various types of theft, extortion, etc. — Jewish racketeering includes: […]

24 December, 2019

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If a White man says that he’s superior to other people, it’s called “racism” or “Nazism.” The Jews (especially Orthodox Jews) really believe that they’re superior to non-Jews. But somehow, such bigotry is never called “racism.” In fact, Israel is, by default, a racist state with racist policies. Why are American tax dollars funding a […]

23 October, 2019

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Alex already posted this graphic of Goebbels at Kirksville Today, but I wanted to comment on “Part II” so to speak: Goebbels also said that only in America are gangsters treated like celebrities; indeed, citizens used to approach Al Capone in public and ask him questions like, “hey, Al, who do you want to win […]