15 February, 2022

Online Movie, or, Labor Jewnions

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“Norma Rae” (1979), starring Sally Field; a pro-labor-union movie.

Why did 60% of American jobs go overseas? Labor unions. Why did the auto industry collapse in 2009? Labor unions. (General Motors going bankrupt was the biggest manufacturing collapse in U.S. history. It cost $11 billion dollars to bail out GM. Paying a union worker $30 dollars an hour to put nuts onto bolts doesn’t make sense, they discovered too late).

Unions ruined America. Unions do two bad things: they increase the costs of goods and services, and they artificially shrink the labor pool. Both are bad for America. The Rust Belt? It exists because of unions. Circa 1965, America made everything from screwdrivers to pens to pocketknives to golf clubs. Today, America makes almost nothing. We must import almost everything. Not good.

Unionism is “communism writ small.” Unionism cancels private-property rights in favor of communistic “labor rights” (most of which don’t even exist). Unionism means “20 union members cancel your private-property rights.” Your right to own and run a store, a restaurant, etc. Communism in the workplace. (America’s founders believed strongly in private property. Read their writings. Sadly, the Founding Fuckups [I don’t recall who coined that] did not spell out those property rights in detail in the Constitution! The Fifth Amendment’s “takings clause” is not nearly enough and they should have known that! There are many things that should have been spelled out in the Constitution, but for some reason they weren’t).

Jews founded the labor union movement. Which isn’t surprising. Jews have spent decades pitting “People A” against “People B” and labor unions are a great way to do that.

America’s labor union movement was built by Jews such as: Samuel Gompers, Sidney Hillman, David Dubinsky, Rose Schneiderman, Ralph Helstein, Lillian Herstein, Abraham Cahan, B. Charney Vladeck, Jacob S. Potofsky, Arthur J. Goldberg (a legal strategist and negotiator for Big Labor), and Bill and Jackie Presser. Hillman perfected the fine art of using unions as a political weapon, which is why liberal Democrats controlled America for decades; in some places in America, it was literally impossible for an anti-union politician to get elected. Worse, the unions were full of communists and mafia members, so they were very corrupt. Not good. (For decades, the mafia controlled New York City due largely to controlling all of the labor unions).

“Norma Rae” was directed by a Jew, Martin Ritt, and written by two Jews, Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank Jr. Those three Jews worked together often and collaborated on eight movies. How un-shocking that the union activist in the movie is also a Jew (played by Jewish actor Ron Leibman). In the movie, we learn that Jews don’t “have horns.” But I thought they did! What about the “666” sign, like in “The Omen”?? No sixes, either??

[Movie; video; 2 hours].

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