14 January, 2021

Scratch a Problem: There’s Usually a Jew Underneath

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Jews have a unique talent for being involved in things that are harmful to the Western world: the liquor industry, porno, trying to legalize illegal drugs, gambling, etc. In fact, the mafia in America was, at first, Jewish (e.g., Detroit’s Purple Gang, Dutch Shultz, Arnold Rothstein, Mickey Cohen). But then the Italians overtook the Jews in the mafia via their vastly superior numbers (30-to-1 easily). (Who do you think built Las Vegas? Jews, such as Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, with Italian mob muscle behind them when needed). Hitler observed that “unique Jewish talent” way back in circa 1910. Scratch a problem and there’s usually a Jew underneath, smiling up at you, saying “What?? I didn’t do it! I would never, ever do such a thing!”).


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