19 September, 2021

The Shocking and Illegal Sexualization of School Kids

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In American public schools today, kids can read books that describe “penis-sucking.” That’s illegal (it’s illegal to furnish pornographic material to minors). Most of these books sound like they were written by Jews. The narratives sound Jewish-written (i.e., they’re arrogant, shameless, cosmopolitan and clearly designed to provoke). The U.S. publishing industry is also heavily-Jewish [1].



[1] “Owners of new [early to mid-20th century publishing] concerns, “most of them young Jewish men…had begun to specialize in presenting European writers to an American audience curious about their sexual frankness and Marxist ideas. Established houses, such as Doran, Houghton, Appleton, and Doubleday, did not do so, and some of their executives resented their parvenu colleagues. Modernist writers especially owed their exposure to Jewish firms.” — from the e-book “When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America” [Here], page 1312.

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