9 April, 2022

Bourgeoisie Beavers and Gender Constructs in the Forest

Posted by Socrates in "gender theory", "gender", "woke", 'gender identity', 'sex-change', 'social construct', 'social construction', 'transgender' at 5:02 pm | Permanent Link

Millions of wild animals in America have successfully reproduced since 1950.

But how did that happen? After all, we are told (by the Left) that gender/sex is “assigned” by a doctor. But, in the wild, there are no doctors around to “assign” animals their gender/sex. So how did the animals know if they were “male” or “female”? How did they know who to attempt sexual acts with? How were they “sexually attracted” to other animals? How did they reproduce by the many millions? Did they just guess their “sexes” and “genders”? That doesn’t seem “natural,” does it? The animals who failed to properly guess their sexes/genders never would have mated. So most animals would have gone extinct by now. (A beaver, thinking: “Am I a boy beaver or a girl beaver? Damn it! I was never assigned a gender, so I don’t know who to fuck! And what’s a boy or a girl after all?? Aren’t boys and girls just social constructs created by evil, rich, bourgeoisie beavers??”).

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