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30 October, 2019

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If America weren’t a Zionist country obsessed with the Middle East, nobody would give two shits about some retard called al-CrapDaddi taking a dirt nap (if he is really dead; who knows the truth?). Besides, America, Britain and Israel created ISIS in 2014 as “controlled, fake opposition.” (Didn’t you find it odd that ISIS suddenly […]

4 February, 2015

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Okay, so a Saudi Arabian prince supported al-Crapola. What does that have to do with 9/11/2001? There is no doubt that Israel was involved with 9/11. Remember the “dancing Israelis” on the rooftop in NYC? Remember the Israeli “art students”? [Article].

10 September, 2014

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“This speech has the potential to transcend partisanship and to bring together the American people in the face of a common enemy.” Hmmm, that’s a curious thing to say. ISIS is a perfect excuse for the U.S. government to wage war all over the Middle East for Israel’s benefit. That was the plan all along, […]

26 July, 2014

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This sheriff raises an important issue about terrorists possibly coming into America from Mexico. If the threat of terrorism is so real, and if al-Crapola really exists and isn’t just a phantom (created to justify American Zionism), why is the U.S./Mexico border nearly wide-open? Why isn’t border security a top priority for the U.S. government? […]

29 March, 2014

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NATO has been trying to plant flags all over Eastern Europe, so it’s no surprise that Putin would see NATO as a threat and wonder if international NATO sailors were going to end up stationed in Sevastopol, Crimea [1]. [Article]. [1] NATO, which is basically an “armed enforcer for the UN,” came from Chapter VII […]