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29 May, 2017

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by Tobias Langdon. […] “But give Barbara Roche her due: unlike the other two, she was speaking the truth. She does indeed love an atomized society, because it fulfils her deepest political ambition: ‘to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.’ Roche is Jewish and feels paranoid in a homogeneous White society. That’s why she worked […]

14 April, 2017

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U.S. General #1: “We aren’t winning the war in Afghanistan. We’ve been there for 37 years, 9 months and 18 days. Do you call that ‘winning’?” U.S. General #2: “I know, I know, but what the hell can we do??” U.S. General #3: “I’ve got an idea: let’s drop a super-duper-mega-huge bomb on Afghanistan and […]

11 September, 2016

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(Above: a steel beam cut at an angle (which is common demolition practice) in the rubble of the World Trade Center. A building collapse would not produce a cut) Americans lost most of their constitutional rights because of 9/11. And 9/11 produced America’s never-ending “war on terror.” Isn’t it time for a brand-new, honest investigation […]

28 June, 2016

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I don’t know if this Istanbul attack was a false-flag operation or not, but if it wasn’t: world, just shut your borders. Stop allowing immigrants into your countries. You don’t need immigrants. Return to “isolationism.” There: problem solved. [Article].

19 May, 2016

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How many Muslim immigrants have entered our country during the last 25 years? I’m guessing “several hundred thousand.” How many of those Muslims work at airports? At train stations and bus stations? At nuclear facilities? At water treatment facilities? At electricity-generating plants? At hospitals? How many Muslims work at those places? How many of those […]

25 December, 2015

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Seen on the TV: a historian saying that 40,000 men died at Iwo Jima during WWII. Big deal. Since 2002, the neoconservative ideology has killed probably 4 million people (mostly civilians) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria [1], in addition to creating massive political instability in the Middle East and massive hatred of America there […]

5 December, 2015

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Almost every anti-gun law in America came from a Jewish lawmaker, and this time it was no different: Sen. Dianne Feinstein tried, but failed, to create another goy-control law that would have banned people on “terrorism watch lists”/”no-fly lists” from buying a gun. Note that many innocent people are wrongly put on “no-fly lists”, i.e., […]

3 December, 2015

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Hey, America, how’s that “diversity” thing working out for ya? What’s that? Sand negroes and dune coons are “just like us, but with darker skin?” Ahh, okay, if you say so…then, I guess that’s a “no” on limiting future immigration from the Middle East, huh? [Article].

14 November, 2015

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Hey, Europe, how’s that “diversity” thing working out for ya? Starting to wonder if letting millions of Muslims into your interior was a good idea? Hmmmm? Need some time to think about it? [1]. [Article]. . [1] this assumes that the attacks in France weren’t false-flag operations carried out by non-Muslims; of course, they could […]

22 October, 2015

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Big Jew: “I ask you to remake the Middle East for me, and now you’re telling me that you can’t do that one, simple thing?” [1]. America: “I’m sorry, master! Really! I…uhhm…well…uhhh…it’s just that…uhhh…I’m trying, really I am. I tried to force democracy onto all of the sand niggers, but it’s like herding cats…just give […]