30 October, 2019

Syria: What? al-BigDaddi Died? Who Gives a Fuck?

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If America weren’t a Zionist country obsessed with the Middle East, nobody would give two shits about some retard called al-CrapDaddi taking a dirt nap (if he is really dead; who knows the truth?). Besides, America, Britain and Israel created ISIS in 2014 as “controlled, fake opposition.” (Didn’t you find it odd that ISIS suddenly appeared out of nowhere in 2014 with suitcases full of money, entire fleets of new, matching Toyota trucks and clean, matching uniforms and boots? These “ragamuffin desert terrorists” were outfitted better than most western armies! And ISIS never attacks Jews. Very strange indeed) [1].



[1] further reading about ISIS: [Here], [Here] and [Here]

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