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27 September, 2019

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I saw a Mexican employee at a retail store. On his arm was a tattoo that read “Aztlan.” No, not Mazatlan, the resort town in Mexico, but “Aztlan.” For newbies, “Aztlan” is a racist Mexican word that refers to “America after the Mexicans re-conquer it, sometime in the future.” It refers to “taking” America — […]

6 September, 2019

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Anytime in my lifetime? First Kate Steinle is murdered, and now this: [Article]. It’s time to end all immigration into America. Use National Guard troops to control the border if needed.

29 August, 2019

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“Uh-oh, some humans are different from other humans. That can’t be! This man must be publicly shamed!” [Article]. (This 2015 study shows that Hispanics do, in fact, have slightly smaller hands than Whites: “Firefighter Hand Anthropometry and Structural Glove Sizing: A New Perspective”; the study also shows that Blacks have longer hands and fingers than […]