16 October, 2020

Why Do Famous Mixed-Race People Only Embrace the Non-White Sides of Their Families? (a Trick Question)

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I find it creepy, but very predictable, that Linda Ronstadt focuses only on the Mexican side of her heritage, even though she is only 1/4 Mexican by race [1]. She always has something rotten to say about Donald Trump and the border wall. But, as Alex has said, Mexico would be a great place if it wasn’t full of Mexicans. Funny! Indeed, Mexico runs on corruption and bribes. And the crime down there?? Lord have mercy! Down in Mexico, cops have been robbed at gunpoint by other cops! Yeah. Scary. I’ll stay in America, thank you…



[1] according to popular report, Ronstadt’s mother was not Mexican, and her father was only 1/2 Mexican, making her only 1/4 Mexican. Yet she calls herself a “Mexican-American” (for an example of that, see The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, April 1995, with guests Linda Ronstadt and Robin Quivers).

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