1 April, 2006

If Kikes, Then Uniformity

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[Kike kiking kikily on kikes. Thank god the campuses are finally opening to intellectual diversity. Our stellar Hebrew says earlocks should hang 8 and 3/4. Your putrid sheeny says 8 and 1/2. Let us throng the goyim to the Irving Shmalz-Himmelmann Metatorium and ratiocinate lucidulously.

Discourse in AmeriKwa is so many yiddles nattering amongst themselves, uniformly agreed that the only thing we have to fear is Iranti-semitism – ie, goyim uncaged like they were niggers. Itz mourning in AmeriKwa, for the early nerd has gotten the worm.]

How to express ‘intellectual diversity’ at Ithica?

Balance Al Franken with Jonah Goldberg.

[Why not balance him on Jonah Goldberg? That would be the first funny SNL skit in twenty-five years.]

As a direct result, Johan Goldberg was brought to campus last spring. His dinner bill absorbed most of the student-activity fund, but [Cont’d]

Political monotony

The college should make a larger effort to attract intellectually diverse speakers in order to challenge student thought and encourage critical thinking

Harry Shuldman (not a kike, he’s two kikes)

March 30, 2006

Al Franken’s visit to Ithaca highlights something every student, faculty and administrator here already knows: The college leans left. No doubt campus speakers reflect this liberal majority.

Though the college did not invite Franken, it is providing him with the space. The discussion surrounding his visit reminds the campus of something lacking at Ithaca College — political diversity.

During spring 2003, the Ithaca College Republicans published an informal study revealing that among Ithaca College’s professors, 93.6 were registered Democrat or Green and only 6.4 percent were Republican or conservative. Last year, ICR presented a proposal suggesting ways to make campus discussions more diverse.

As a direct result, Johan Goldberg was brought to campus last spring. This visit promised progress.

But this year, the college has made no noticeable advances. And Ithaca College continues to be known nationally for its liberalism.

Recently, Christopher Flickinger, an education reporter for Human Events Online said: “In essence, it’s not a major priority. If the school was dedicated to a ‘diversity of opinion’ it wouldn’t wait for recommendations, it would simply go get a conservative and bring him/her to campus.�

The key is to find intelligent conservatives with

well-supported arguments, not right-wing bobbleheads who alienate students and deepen stereotypes.

Of course, if Franken offers to visit, the college should welcome him. But the college should actively promote balance to challenge student thought.

With Franken’s visit, the college should reflect on one question. Would Ann Coulter or Allan Keyes ever want to visit Ithaca? Maybe not, for fear they would be chased out of Emerson Suites.

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    1. Fenrir Says:

      What’s fascinating is how this pattern isn’t new at all. Adolf Hitler described precisely what happens during a Jewish takeover of a nation. Eventually they are on all sides of an argument and become increasingly ridiculous in a futile attempt to maintain absolute control over the thoughts of the goyim. Gradually some gentiles begin to wake from the stupor and others slowly catch on.

      If history is any indicator, the Jews will eventually piss off enough of us that they’ll get a good ass-kicking once again. When that happens remains to be seen, but I for one certainly hope it’s sooner rather than later (though I’m not counting on it).

      The irony is that in their attempts to stave off anti-semitism, they create more of it than ever existed before, and it’s probably true that they need it to be what they are. Whining, screeching, wailing… always the victim the Jew, always the innocent harmless one who never is responsible for any wrong. “Oye, vhy do ze goyim hate us so?!”

      Jews – officious and obnoxious fanatics, convinced that they have an edict from God to “heal the world” and must become involved in everyone’s business, sticking a big nose and a sly hand into everything.

    2. apollonian Says:

      Heretical “Religion” Built Upon, Promoting Fraud, Hubris, Subjectivism
      (Described Well And Journalistically By “Fenrir” Above)
      (Apollonian 1 Apr 06)

      Yes, outstanding by “Fenrir” above (“If Kikes, then Uniformity” on VNN blog) who characterizes the HERETIC FALSE RELIGION, at first induced upon the very dumbest of the (gentile) population–which then Jews (the dumber ones) themselves start to believe as they fanatically, insanely enforce, endangering the health of the victim host they’ve parasitized and preyed upon so successfully in latest cyclic phase of history, Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West,” presently detailed and described so perfectly by Orwell, “perpetual war for perp. peace.”

      “Fenrir” above, writes:

      “The irony is that in their attempts to stave off anti-semitism, they create more of it than ever existed before, and it’s probably true that they need it to be what they are. Whining, screeching, wailing… always the victim the Jew, always the innocent harmless one who never is responsible for any wrong. “Oye, vhy do ze goyim hate us so?!â€?

      “[A]lways the victim”–indeed, that is their very religion, the popular version, of very cheapest sort, even for the “atheistical” Jews pretending to secularism. Persecution-complex is mentality and religion, the religion of hystericism and such ultimately destructive insanity built upon fanatacism–and it’s common and inherent in all Jews, religious or atheist, or whatever. Thus Judaism (Talmudism) is quite literally war hysteria, but more too–it’s ultimately insane as Christ taught–for liars ultimately lie to themselves most.

      Jew subjectivism consists of enforcing a reality, hence legal system, for example, upon host-victim gentiles which only favors Jews and co-conspirators among the gentiles, the greatest heretics, like “Judeo-Christians” (JCs). See Whtt.org for expo-analysis on JCs.

      It’s the topmost Jews who so treacherously sell out their own people as they (the topmost) make their getaway fm an empire-civilization they’ve looted, last great victim in history being Germany, but also a lot of lesser nations-cultures too, before and especially after, the same Judeo-“Sadducean” empire ever-expanding like a cancer in the “Decline of West.” The future version of this cancer already exists, called the “United Nations,” most brilliantly analyzed on JBS.org.

      Hence we see such as the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam lies at the top and outside of a vast anti-culture Jews induce by means of subsidized fraud, this fraud necessarily built upon the HUBRIS OF HOST-VICTIM POPULATION, like the “Jews-media,” arm and underpinning of the Fed fraud-conspiracy (fraud is always conspiracy among collectivists like Jews, collectivistic by nature, religious training, and preference, the elite criminals who call themselves “chosen.”

      CONCLUSION: We must eliminate heresy, one of the greatest being non-antisemitism within a pretended Christianity as presently prevailing and dominating so destructively. We must make Christianity whole again, this by means of reason and RATIONALIZATION (Constantinian Christian cultural revolution, reversal of Spenglerian “Decline….” By eliminating heresy, we eliminate the parasite, the Jews and collaborators, accomplices among the gentiles, like JCs, who preach Pelagianism and other heresies. Honest Elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    3. Jim Says:


    4. apollonian Says:

      Aw c’mon Jimmy-Jim, can’t u think of anything more substantial, more informative?–can u think? The volk who tune in here to ck the dialectic have already seen ur sort of reaction as by the renowned “outis,” “Sulla,” “Carpenter,” “Merovius,” and not least, “Harry Tuttle.” All these and u merely emulate/imitate Jew sneering and stylistic diversion and intimidation. Try to say something truly informative–that’s the purpose of blogs, the function they fulfill now against the “Jews-media.” Thanks for all ur attn. A.

    5. confederate Says:

      I agree with Jim’s response. Direct and to the point.

    6. apollonian Says:

      Oh, okay (to “confederate,” above), well then, I guess the points I make above urs have been duly defeated; I take it all back…. A.

    7. Carpenter Says:

      Eventually they are on all sides of an argument

      Many wonder about this: how is it, when their major projects are near-universally embraced by all Jews, that we find them on all sides of the political spectrum? Some suggest that it’s a “plan to control all sides.” But there is no plan. The explanation is simple: there is a right and a left among Jews, like among all peoples. (Even though nine tenths of them vote left in the U.S.) But it is their right and their left. The two sides actually do differ, yet of course they all agree that Jews should survive and be safe. And there really is no way around it: the only way for them to be safe is to let in other minorities. And the only way to make Whites go along with physical genocide is to also subject us to cultural genocide.

      Both the Jewish left and the Jewish right believe this, because it is true: there really is no other way for them. No conspiracy, we must remember, just a correct analysis of the situation on their part.

    8. Harry Says:

      What exactly does the phrase “Harry Shuldman (not a kike, he’s two kikes)” mean? Who wrote this about me? Why? And why didn’t they have the balls to contact me personally? (I can only assume this might be related to a cartoon I drew or the review of Al Franken’s book I wrote last year.)