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14 March, 2020

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Don’t you hate it how hate is normalized today? I hate that! I hate hate. Can’t we all just sit around and hug each other and sing John Denver songs? “For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers…” — sing along! (I actually like John Denver). Judaism and left-wing extremism are […]

24 May, 2015

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(Above: a yarmulke, a.k.a., a kippah) You’ve probably seen it: a gentile leader gives a speech to a Jewish audience (or he visits Israel) and, while doing so, he always wears a Jewish yarmulke, which looks like a little cap. Yet, when a Jewish leader gives a speech to a gentile audience (or he visits […]

9 January, 2012

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Judaism – a creed of hate posing as ‘just another religion’ – will not be criticized by either the Left or the Right, which means it has a free pass in the Western world, unlike Christianity or Islam. [Article].

23 October, 2011

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Seen: the instruction manual for an American oven. The manual said that some models of that oven have a special cooking feature for Jewish families: the sabbath feature. I’m not sure exactly how the sabbath feature works, but I’m familiar with Judaism, so I’m guessing that every oven task happens automatically, so that the Jews […]

14 July, 2011

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“During the past decade, a time period when the United States has believed in its manifest destiny to change the world over to make it a better place…” (See? America has adopted Judaism). [Article].

24 September, 2010

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Here’s a surprise: Jews gave Blacks political power. Now Blacks are using that power against Whites. Civil rights = Jewish tyranny in blackface: [Article].

22 January, 2010

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Seen: a TV show in which a child talks back to his parents in a sharp manner – in a manner that you wouldn’t have seen back in 1980. That reflects real life: kids are more snotty towards adults today and that coincides with the increased Jewing of American culture via Hollywood. (In Jewish households, […]

22 October, 2009

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“Too Westernized”? Shouldn’t that read “too Judaized”? [1]: [Article]. [1] “…shows that the Western intellectual world has become Judaized — that Jewish attitudes and interests, Jewish likes and dislikes, now constitute the culture of the West, internalized by Jews and non-Jews alike.”