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26 June, 2019

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“Give the people free stuff” and “Impeach Donald Trump!” isn’t an ideology. Liberals have no ideas. They never did. They just parrot cheap slogans. But that won’t stop Blacks, Browns and women from voting for them. Democrazy: I can’t think of a better way to ruin a country (except communism). (Mussolini, when asked by a […]

18 April, 2015

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But thankfully, some Italians are saying “no” to the illegal-immigrant invasion. [Article]. About the 1973 book “The Camp of the Saints.”

26 January, 2015

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Some people in the WN movement snicker at southern Europeans such as Greeks and Italians. They don’t consider southern Europeans to be “White enough.” But nonetheless, the southern Europeans seem to have a “fire in the belly” that northern Europeans often lack. They seem to be quicker to fight and to protest. Anyway, with a […]

4 September, 2014

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(Above: the “Italian” politician. Does she look Italian to you?) Thirty years ago, this news would have been satire. Now, it’s reality. [Article].

14 November, 2013

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Stormfront forum members in Italy (i.e., members of the Italian section of have been arrested for spreading “hate.” In other words, for trying to preserve what’s left of their Western culture, they’ve been thrown into jail. [Article in Italian; you can translate it on the web]. Discussed at [Here].

27 January, 2013

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(Above: Nirenstein) Nirenstein is an “Italian” MEP? Nope, because Italians are White Europeans. She’s a Jew. Not the same thing! (In fact, she even admitted that she’s a Jew first and foremost) [1]. She holds dual citizenship, living in Israel, too, which is an apartheid state. She’s acting racially by being a Zionist Jew, while […]

17 January, 2011

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What on earth is an “Italian Jew”? There’s no such thing. There are “Jews who happen to live in Italy.” But there are no “Italian Jews.” That’s like saying that someone’s a “Swedish Chinaman.” He’s either one, or the other. Not both. To put it another way, wherever Jews go in the world, they are […]

27 May, 2010

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But what happens when you tell lies? [Article].

15 May, 2010

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What an interesting thing if true: [Article]. Caravaggio’s artwork: [Here].

4 May, 2010

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“Earth to Italian government, come in, Italian government. Are you there? Hello? Hello?” [Article]. More: [Here].