6 April, 2022

Hungary to be Punished, or, the Wokesters are Getting Nervous

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Leftist #1: “OMG! Orban won again! Now who’s going to teach 5-year-old Hungarian children about transgender pronouns??”

Leftist #2: “Hungary must be sanctioned immediately!”

Leftist #3: “Orban is the Donald Trump of Europe! We can’t let him get away with it!”

Leftist #4: “We must stand up for the rights of African-Hungarian pre-operative transgender vegan midgets!”

Leftist #5: “Uh-oh! If we’re not careful, we’ll fail to ‘woke’ the world and then who’s going to teach kids about fisting??” [1].

You can see that the NWO gang is getting nervous. First, Russia invades Ukraine (which foiled “regime-change-as-American-policy” in Russia) and now Hungary refuses to “go woke.” Desperation! Hungary already has joined an anti-woke bloc [2]. Look for all of the world’s anti-wokesters to join together in one big bloc. It’ll be woke vs. anti-woke. The normals vs. the freaks.

News quote: “We are facing existential issues,” The Guardian meanwhile reports Finnish MEP Petri Sarvamaa as saying. “These are totalitarian authoritarian regimes vis-a-vis the democratic world and Orbán seems to be willing to be part of that [first] camp.” (“We”?? “The democratic world”?? What?? Did the people not vote for Orban in an election on April 3?? Hello?? Hello?? And how come left-wing authoritarian regimes [such as Justin Trudeau’s] are okay, but right-wing ones aren’t okay? We see this all the time: there are two political standards in the world and those standards are set by the bossy leftists) [3].



[1] newbies, “fisting” is a creepy sexual technique in which homosexuals stick their entire fists up the rectums of their partners.

[2] Hungary, Poland and Italy joined together in a political alliance in early 2021.

[3] leftism (i.e., Judeo-leftism since 1837, beginning with Moses Hess and Karl Marx) is a very serious and fundamental problem in the world. Leftism goes against human nature. The brains of leftists don’t function properly: the neocortex (the logic area) of the brain is underdeveloped while the limbic area (the emotional area) is overdeveloped — that’s one theory at least. Regardless, as a result, there will always be this constant battle between Left and Right. The one bright spot about leftism is that only about 10% of the world is far-left-wing (although it seems like 50% thanks to the media and Hollywood). The Jew and the leftist are, in many ways, the very same creature: arrogant, irrational, unhappy, childish, bossy, has no respect for anything, has no morals, and lies frequently to gain political/social advantage. Look at Trump: nearly everything the liberal media has said about Trump is a lie. Ditto about Vladimir Putin. Someone once said that “leftism is female” and that’s often correct but not always, e.g., Trump and Reagan got a lot of female support. However, in the 1996 election, American women totally rejected Bob Dole and so they re-elected Bill Clinton by default. Many women called Dole “mean.”

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