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12 April, 2022

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(Above: “Greater Israel” as envisioned by the Jews. How would the Jews control all that new territory? With America’s help, of course! Ever since the Sinai II agreement of 1975, America and Israel are “partners in Zionism” [and in crime in general]). So, Israel wanted to take Syria by force in order to expand Jewish […]

6 April, 2022

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Leftist #1: “OMG! Orban won again! Now who’s going to teach 5-year-old Hungarian children about transgender pronouns??” Leftist #2: “Hungary must be sanctioned immediately!” Leftist #3: “Orban is the Donald Trump of Europe! We can’t let him get away with it!” Leftist #4: “We must stand up for the rights of African-Hungarian pre-operative transgender vegan […]

11 March, 2022

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If Putin is really a globalist (as some people have claimed), then why does he not embrace NATO and the EU? Why is the EU sanctioning Putin? Why is the “international community” lined up against Putin to an extreme degree? Headline: “US, EU Ban Luxury Goods Exports to Russia” [Article].

5 March, 2022

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The New World Order gang lost a lot of power when it lost Ukraine (and it has lost it: NATO hasn’t done, and won’t do, anything towards defending Ukraine. NATO has proven itself to be a paper tiger now and I suspect Putin knew it was before he invaded Ukraine. Russia’s nukes mean that Putin […]

4 March, 2022

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“On Wednesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity called for the assassination of Vladimir Putin, saying he has “forfeit his right to live.” Gee, I had no idea that Ukraine was so damn important in the world! Why?? Are the hills made of gold there?? [Article].

4 March, 2022

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Who, I say, who is this guy Lindsey Graham??? Really. What is he??? This is likely illegal (i.e., incitement). It certainly is dangerous talk. He must apologize. “It’s just a very bad idea that Graham didn’t have to bring up and pin onto the official dialogue from the U.S. Assassination as a state policy is […]

3 March, 2022

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A New York Times quote: “Anna Netrebko, the superstar Russian soprano, will no longer appear at the Metropolitan Opera this season or next after failing to comply with the company’s demand that she distance herself from President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia as he wages war on Ukraine.” [Here]. So, Putin will be “un-personed” or […]

3 March, 2022

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First, there was “total war” waged on Covid-19. No area of life was spared by the Covid-police. To use a basketball term, it was a “full-court press” against Covid [1]. An all-out war. Even dogs were forced to wear face masks — in Berkeley. I saw a cat wearing an N95. Now, within just a […]

2 March, 2022

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These are scary times. Vlad the Terrible (Vlad Putin) may soon rain thermonuclear hell down onto the Western world. We could all be turned into ashes. Dust. (*shudder*). So, we must be sure that our hero, Righteous Joe Biden, the protector of the free world (because America is the most powerful free country) is up […]

2 March, 2022

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The West today is nothing if not monolithic: every White country has fallen into line! They’ve got their marching orders: “blacklist and punish Russia for invading Ukraine.” The Jewish powerbrokers hate and fear Russia, for both historic and current reasons. So the Jews have aligned approximately 25 Western countries against Russia within maybe 5 days. […]