3 March, 2022

The Latest Thing: the Political Full Court Press

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First, there was “total war” waged on Covid-19. No area of life was spared by the Covid-police. To use a basketball term, it was a “full-court press” against Covid [1]. An all-out war. Even dogs were forced to wear face masks — in Berkeley. I saw a cat wearing an N95.

Now, within just a week, the Western world has gone from the “Covid full-court press” to the “Putin/Russia full-court press.” It’s an all-out war on Russia/Putin. This is a global assault on Putin the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Who knew Ukraine was so damn popular in the world??? (Actually, Ukraine isn’t popular in the world. But Ukraine was going to be used by the (((globalists))) as a launching pad to “regime-change” Putin, but now it can’t be used as such. Oops! Hence the anger over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Isn’t it funny how certain dictators are allowed free rein, e.g., in North Korea and China? But others, like Putin, aren’t? It’s because Putin is White, of course).



[1] “full-court press” is a basketball term which means “the defensive tactic of applying pressure on the offensive team by covering each opposing man tightly for the entire length of the floor.”

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