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8 April, 2022

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Fools lead America. Lead us where? Nowhere good, that’s for sure. The general says: “we should build more military bases in Eastern Europe and begin to rotate U.S. troops in and out.” Why?? This is known as “poking the bear” (Russia) and it’s not smart. Indeed, that’s what started the Ukraine war! Buchanan: “this sounds […]

20 March, 2022

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“Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne (1980). This song is about the Cold War — 44 years of bullshit! [Video]. Guitar tutorial: [Here].

2 March, 2022

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The West today is nothing if not monolithic: every White country has fallen into line! They’ve got their marching orders: “blacklist and punish Russia for invading Ukraine.” The Jewish powerbrokers hate and fear Russia, for both historic and current reasons. So the Jews have aligned approximately 25 Western countries against Russia within maybe 5 days. […]

7 February, 2022

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Seen: someone talking about how America “won” the Cold War (the term “Cold War” was coined by the Jewish war-monger Bernard Baruch in April 1947. Baruch was the main instigator of World War II, which led to the Cold War. Looks like Bernie had it all planned out…). Anyway, America made the Cold War and […]

16 November, 2018

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(Above: the U.S. atomic bomb called “Fat Man” — a.k.a. the Nagasaki bomb) The Jews are the People of the Book and also the People of the Ka-Boom, i.e., not only did Jews create and staff the Manhattan Project, they instigated the project from the very start. It was Albert Einstein – who, by the […]

15 October, 2014

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(Above: an American atomic bomb circa 1945) By the way, the man who coined the term “Cold War,” Bernard Baruch, was a Jew. Anyway, get out your hankies: David Greenglass, a Jewish atomic spy, has died. Almost every person who spied on America for the Soviet Union was a Jew, an amazing fact never mentioned […]

4 July, 2014

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The Jews used to hate Russia. It was full of “anti-Semites” who committed “pogroms” against the Jews. But then, the Jews, known as “Bolsheviks,” took over Russia in 1917. They loved it then. They renamed it the USSR/Soviet Union. It became the Jews’ “mother ship.” They used the Soviet Union to spread communism around the […]

10 May, 2014

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Seen on the TV: a mention of Louisiana politician Huey Long (1893-1935). Had Long, an isolationist, become president instead of Franklin D. Roosevelt (which probably would have happened had Long not been assassinated by a Jewish doctor), World War II would not have occurred [1]. Think about it: no war with Germany or Japan, no […]

1 April, 2014

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Big Jew: “I no longer trust Russia. In fact, ever since Stalin’s purges…well, never mind. Anyway, you don’t trust Putin, either. Russia is now on your blacklist. Don’t talk to any of those people. Understand?” NATO: “Yes, master.” [Article].