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4 January, 2022

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Who were the good guys in World War II? Your history teacher, Mr. Goldberg, told you that the “democratic allies” (all 47 countries) were the “good guys.” So did my history teacher, Mr. Weinberg. No, the “allies” weren’t the “good guys.” The “allies” ganged up on three countries (the Axis powers) who didn’t even want […]

27 December, 2021

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We talked about this in Political Science class: the reason there are wars today is because there is no isolationism anymore. In other words, globalism is causing all the wars. Look at WWII: 47 “democracies” (known as The Allies) banded together against the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) over an unpopular country called Poland […]

12 December, 2021

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(Above: banker Paul M. Warburg) Inflation exists because normal White people don’t control America’s money system anymore. Greedy Jews have controlled it since 1913, when the wrongly-named “Federal Reserve System” was created by Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg (1868-1932) [1]. America’s central money system was already inflationary: “fractional-reserve banking” is, by itself, inflationary. It causes […]

25 September, 2021

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(Above: international Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch [1870-1965]). When Uncle Bernie The Billionaire is at your side, you don’t need the usual dozen oily Jews to push your country into another needless war [1]. No! Uncle Bernie can do it all by himself! Yaaaaay! A one-man nation-wrecker! “But perhaps the most significant of all was Bernard […]

5 August, 2021

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(Above: the real Hitler: a kind animal lover who didn’t want war. But powerful globalist Jews like Bernard Baruch had other ideas. Baruch was 90% to blame for WWII. He gave orders to F.D. Roosevelt, not vice-versa) [1]. . “An illustration of the power of propaganda provided by Carroll Quigley, Professor of History at Georgetown […]

2 March, 2021

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All books have pluses and minuses. This book does, too. On the minus side, there are a few factual mistakes in the book. For example, the author calls the spy Alger Hiss a Jew. As far as I know, he wasn’t a Jew. Granted, maybe the author knows something that I don’t and Hiss was […]

14 January, 2021

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Whenever God’s Pets start getting nervous, horrible things happen (like World War II, for example — a war that was almost solely created by the nervousness/paranoia of two powerful Jews: Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermyer) [1]. It’s a real quandary for the self-chosen: Donald Trump is the best friend Israel ever had, so the Jews […]

21 November, 2020

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There were few people in this world more evil than president Franklin D. Roosevelt (so why is he found on the U.S. dime today??) As president, he sent thousands of White Americans to their deaths by waging the worst, deadliest war in history. Yes, in history! Did Roosevelt cause WWII? Yes and no. I’d say […]