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29 January, 2022

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Can you imagine: 60 million people died in World War II! It was the most destructive war in history. (Jews call WWII “the good war”! Really, Jews? “Good”? 60 million gentile deaths are “good”? How?). Not only did Jews create WWII, but they even provided the music to go with it [1]. Can’t have a […]

19 August, 2021

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“Thirty years ago, jazz had not yet entered polite society. It was a new form of music born in the back rooms of Negro saloons in the slums of New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis and Chicago. The original jazz players were all Negroes and were natural born musicians. The orchestras were small. They were comprised […]

16 August, 2020

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Rick Beato (pronounced Bee-at-o) asks: Why Do People Hate Jazz? [Video]. I hate most jazz music. It’s mostly Black, it’s way too busy and way too loose. No boundaries. No walls. But I like some jazz: Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra, for example. Frank Zappa also has some good jazz music. Just like humans can […]