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21 May, 2014

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I see this slogan/meme used all the time by leftists and Jews. Here it is again. Apparently, being on “the right side of history” means that you’re going down in history on the “correct” side of a big situation. But that’s funny, since America has often been on the wrong side of big things. For […]

26 July, 2011

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Ygg makes interesting points, but why equate leftist oppression with Quisling’s rule? Quisling wasn’t a leftist. He was allied with Hitler (and he met a bad end because he wasn’t harsh enough at crunch time. He tried to be “Nazi-lite.” It didn’t work. Who knew?). For some reason, Quisling-bashing is popular on both the Left […]

2 November, 2008

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The late poet Pound gave pro-Axis, anti-Jewish radio speeches from Italy during WWII. Not long afterward, he was awarded the Bollingen Prize by the U.S. Library of Congress, a decision that resulted in the L.O.C. no longer awarding any prizes, thanks to Jewish senator Jacob Javits: [Here].