4 January, 2022

When the Allies Murdered Over Two Million Innocent People for No Reason

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Who were the good guys in World War II? Your history teacher, Mr. Goldberg, told you that the “democratic allies” (all 47 countries) were the “good guys.” So did my history teacher, Mr. Weinberg. No, the “allies” weren’t the “good guys.” The “allies” ganged up on three countries (the Axis powers) who didn’t even want war. (One of those “democratic allies” was a mass-murdering, communist country: the Soviet Union).

Germany, Italy and Japan didn’t want war. But war was brought to them nonetheless. (F.D. Roosevelt gave a “shoot on sight” order targeting German ships 3 months before Hitler declared war on America. So FDR started America’s war with Germany.

By any objective (repeat, objective) measure, the good guys in WWII were the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan). Hitler was actually surprised when England declared war on Germany for the second time in 25 years (over a very unpopular country called Poland, for God’s sake!) [1]. I don’t blame Hitler. I would have been surprised, too! Who knew the British could be such evil war-mongers, launching two world wars within a rather short period of time?? Zounds! That’s some major evil there. That’s like, well, evil that would make Jews proud. Saaaaay, you don’t suppose…?? Naaaah! That would be Auntie Cementism and hate and so on and so forth…

Here below is just one example of many that could be given as to why the “allies” were actually the bad guys of WWII.

The first time I heard about Operation Keelhaul, I didn’t believe it. I simply couldn’t believe that American and British soldiers would force freedom-loving people (at gunpoint) to return to the communist Soviet Union, knowing they would be murdered by Joe Stalin. Unbelievable!

“Operation Keelhaul was a secret (allied) military operation agreed to at the (1945) Yalta Conference that forcibly returned 2.5 million Russians captured during World War II back to the communist Soviet Union, where Joseph Stalin would punish these freedom lovers who sought to defeat communism that had destroyed freedom in their homeland Russia.”



[1] the “official” story is that England “had to” declare war on Germany in order to “safeguard Poland’s borders.” Yeah, riiiggghhhttt! Is that why Stalin was allowed to invade Poland from the east just 16 days later? Hmmmm? The official story is pure bullshit. The “allies” should be called the “All Lies”

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