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22 February, 2021

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(Fact: most of the deaths in the German-run concentration camps occurred at the end of WWII and were the result of diseases such as typhus, or starvation due to supply lines being cut by the “allies” [which included the murderous Soviet Union]. The “6 million Jews were gassed by the Nazis” fable is pure fantasy. […]

25 January, 2021

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“Gruesome Harvest” by Ralph Keeling (1947). After the “allies” were finished destroying the German military machine in 1945, they set their sights on the innocent citizens of Germany: women, children, the elderly. Make no mistake: this was the world’s biggest “hate crime.” Women were raped. Men were murdered. Elderly people starved to death. Millions of […]

14 February, 2011

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(above: dead German civilians at Dresden) More Germans died in the Dresden firebombing than Jews died at Auschwitz. Yet you hardly hear about Dresden: [Article].

5 June, 2010

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The real holocaust: tens-of-millions of Germans murdered during and after WWII by the communist/pro-communist “allies”: [Article].

23 December, 2008

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“Which Way, Western Man?” by William Gayley Simpson: [Book]. And: “Gruesome Harvest” by Ralph Franklin Keeling: [Book].

26 March, 2008

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There’s some good commentary here, as usual. (But instead of mentioning the Pearl Harbor attack, he could have mentioned Franklin D. Roosevelt’s September 1941 “shoot-on-sight” order for German ships/U-boats, an order which was a de facto declaration of war on Germany. America had, for all practical purposes, already entered World War II by the time […]

26 October, 2007

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The “democratic” allies turned these victims over to the “partisans,” even though they must have known the fate that awaited the victims. Sadly, the habit of handing over victims to their “partisan” executioners was somewhat common in allied circles during and after World War II [1]: [Article]. [1] about Operation Keelhaul, a giant blemish on […]

24 February, 2007

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[Stated flat out: only JEWS can be victims of World War Two.] German Book Redefines ‘Victimhood,’ Problematically Nonfiction Jack Fischel | Fri. Feb 23, 2007 The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 By Jörg Friedrich Columbia University Press, 552 pages, $34.95. In the aftermath of World War II, Germany attempted to come to terms with […]